Swim Groups

Below is a general description of our swim groups and the requirements for advancing from group to group:

Overall Age Group Swimming Objectives (from USA Swimming Rules & Regulations)

  1. provide fair and open competition
  2. encourage maximum participation
  3. provide an educational experience
  4. enhance mental and physical conditioning
  5. develop a rich base of swimming talent

TCA Swim Groups

  • Green - Learn consistent & proper stroke technique
  • Bronze - Build on technique & introduce training
  • Silver - Learn to train
  • Gold - Learn to race
  • All - Have fun swimming fast!

General requirements for moving from group to group

Green to Bronze

  • Side breathing in freestyle
  • Legs and arms move simultaneously in butterfly
  • Hand pulls above hipline and feet turned outwards during kick in breast stroke
  • Ability to maintain surface position and finish on back in backstroke
  • A general endurance base, maturity level and commitment to handle advancing to the Bronze level

Bronze to Silver

  • Ability to hold breathing pattern of 3 or 5 in freestyle
  • Consistently practices 2-hand finishes in butterfly and breast stroke
  • Capable of doing flip turns using sight of flags in backstroke
  • Arms extending over the surface of the water during recovery in butterfly
  • Basic understanding of distances and pace times
  • Showing maturity, commitment, strong endurance level and willingness to advance to Silver group. Should not be taken lightly due to increased training time and distance in Silver
  • Minimum 100 freestyle time of 1:30
  • Commitment to swim at least 3 days per week

Silver to Gold

  • Understands proper technique of all four strokes
  • Understands distance and pace times and can independently follow swim sets
  • Able to successfully complete test sets of
    • 10 - 25 Free on 30 seconds
    • 10 - 50 Free on 50 seconds
    • 5 - 100 Free on 1:30
  • Dedicated to consistent and regular training and commitment to come to practice 3-5 days per week.