Fees and Billing

TPA Fees & Billing

Financial Information Swim Club Year – September 1, 2019 – August 31, 2020

a.  All members of Trinity Prep Aquatics are required to pay $125 TPA registration and a $95 USA membership (new insurance coverage from June 1, 2020 - December 31, 2021). Individual entries for swimming competition will be charged per meet to your credit card.

b.  Annual fees will be billed in 12 monthly payments (July - June) and are due on the first of the month. 

c.  All swim meets provide hospitality to coaches, officials, and meet workers. Your account will be charged the $45 fee upon registration.

Since hosting a meet is very labor-intensive, all members of TPA are asked to work at least two sessions of every meet. For those families who choose not to work the meets, their escrow account will be charged $50 per session. We understand that some people may be out of town or otherwise unavailable. In that case, you can work extra sessions at another meet to fulfill your obligation. Please notify Coach Aceto of these circumstances.

All swimmers will also be charged $10 per meet as a meet surcharge.

d.  Swimmers who are competing on a non-TPS high school team will receive 1 month free during the High School season. TPS students will not be charged a fee for these two months (Sept. and Oct.).

e.  A discount on the TPA registration fee will be given to families with multiple swimmers. First swimmer will be $125, second swimmer $75, and third swimmer will be $50.

f.  Families who register for one of the TPA teams will be responsible for paying the monthly fee for the entire year unless they notify TPA thirty days in advance of their intent to discontinue membership.

Monthly Fees Swim Club Year 9/1/2019 – 8/1/2020

Seniors:                                                            $225

Juniors:                                                             $190

Gold:                                                                 $130

Blue:                                                                 $115

Saints: (Nov 1 thru May 31)                                 $165


Fall: (Saturday's) TBA                                     $25 registration fee/$50 Monthly

Spring: (Saturday's) TBA                                 $25 registration fee/$50 Monthly