What Meet is For My Swimmer?

What Meet for my Swimmer?

The Sky Hurricanes are a unique combination of a YMCA Based team that also competes within the USA Swimming structure.With this, there are many different types of meets that we offer based on commitment and talent levels.

YMCA only Meets

In Florida we hold a State Championship meet in February,this meet is open to ALL swimmers that compete in Three "Y" Qualifiers between September and the meet  day. There are no time requirements,and as a club we view this meet as a high priority."

Y Qualifying" meets are typically local, or team hosted.However, we may need to travel a bit farther to meet the (3) meet requirement.These meets are normally half to full day events and are a low cost option for some racing.

The YMCA national association holds two Championship meets per year ,one in April for the short course season, and one in August for the long course season. To participate you must make a specific qualifying time and compete in Florida State Championship.

Developmental Meets

These meets are usually local one day meets designed to introduce younger swimmers to competition.They are very low stress, and a great way to ease your new swimmer into the sport.We know "competition" is a scary word however these meets will allow you and your child to that they have alot in common with kids from other clubs and build confidence.

USA Santioned Meets

This is where you start to see a little bit of travel and longer 2-3 day meets.

You will normally see at least one of these meets on our schedule per month and would be the next step up from the developmental meets.

These meets will generally require more time commitment and expense,however they are still a great confidence boost when you and your child are ready.

Championship/Qualifying Meets

Now we begin the climb through the higher levels of the sport. In order to enter these meets your child will need to meet a certain "qualifying time". Meets such as FLAGS, Senior Champs,YMCA Nationals, USA Futures, JR. Nationals, Senior Nationals, US Open, and US Olympic Trials. These meets are regularly found on our schedule. In contrast some meets will set a ceiling on times,and only allow swimmers faster than a certain time to enter the meet. Other Meets Such as the Area 5 meet and the Harry Meisel meet offer a Championship style meet for those slower than a time standard. These are highly recommended, for planning purposes.