Competition Code of Conduct

SKY Family YMCA Competition Code of Conduct

• No swimmer shall attend a meet unless accompanied by a parent or a chaperone arranged for by the swimmer's parents.

• No swimmer shall drive a car to, from, or at an away swim meet unless accompanied by a parent or chaperone. Swimmers 19 years of age and older may drive themselves, but may not be accompanied by younger swimmers.

• Meet warm-up times are subject to the host team and will be communicated prior to competition as received. These times should be strictly adhered to by all team members.

• Team members should check in with their coach before and after every event and prior to leaving a competition session.

• All swimmers who qualify to compete in finals at a prelim/ final meet are expected to participate in the finals. All team members are strongly encouraged to return to the finals sessions to support their teammates.

• Relays should be considered as important as individual swims.  All team members are declaring themselves eligible for relays upon submitting meet entries.  

• Swimmers and parents are expected to display proper respect and sportsmanship to coaches, official, meet hosts, and fellow competitors.

• As a matter of courtesy to the meet host team, swimmers are expected to leave the SKY team area neat and clean at the conclusion of each session of the meet.

• All questions swimmers or parents may have concerning meet entries, results, an officiating call, or the conduct of a meet, should be referred to the SKY coaching staff only. Our  coaches, in turn will pursue the matter through appropriate channels.

• In accordance with USA Swimming rules, parents are expected to remain in the designated spectator area, unless they are working the meet in an official capacity.