Q:  How do I sign my child up for the West Volusia Killer Whales swim team?
A:  We suggest sending us an email via the “contact us” button asking to schedule a “try out” swim session with one of our coaches.  This will let you child demonstrate their level of swimming and let us assign them to the proper group (Novice, Junior, Senior).  We encourage all new swimmers to come out and swim with us for a week to ensure they enjoy the swim team atmosphere.

Q:  Are there age limits on the team?
A:  Generally we take swimmers from as young as age 5 to 18 years old in our Novice, Junior, and Senior program.  We do offer Masters swim for adults 18 years and older.

Q:  How much does it cost?
A:  Our fees are listed on our website however our monthly dues range from $65-85 depending on the level of the swimmer.  There are annual USA Swimming dues ($150) and swim meet fees that are usually around $60 per swim meet.

Q:  Can we come and watch a practice to see what it is like?
A:  We welcome any new/potential members to come and visit, however it is best to arrange this in advance by scheduling a time via the “contact us” button on our homepage.

Q:  How do I cancel or transfer my WVKW swim account?
A:  We understand that swimmers have other hobbies and sports interests, to cancel simply send a request via the “contact us” button and our Admin will suspend your account. We must receive the email by the 15th in order to suspend for the upcoming month.