What do we mean by “Boutique Swim Team?”

Exactly what it implies!  A small business offering a highly specialized service to a specialized clientele.  We are not your average swim team.  We do not conform to the cookie-cutter format of what a swim team has always been.  We strive everyday to break the mold and give you and your children the personal attention they absolutely deserve.  Your child is special and they deserve the best.  And we will give it to them!

First, we keep it small.  We cannot make every swimmer’s experience special if we have 1000 kids.  I know every one of my swimmers personally and that is the best part of my job!  Every kid is equally important to me, no matter if they just started swimming at age 12 and want to learn the basics or if they can win an event at a state meet.   The only thing that matters is that they learn and improve at an accelerated rate and they have the most fun possible while doing it! 

Second, our service is highly specialized.  Again, we are not your regular swim team.  Your child will not come to practice and just swim a bunch of laps and go home.  We have spent years perfecting our “3-tiered approach” and every year it gets a little better.  The three tiers are:

  -expert technique instruction

  -specialized strength training for children

  -comprehensive nutrition education for child-athletes

Our holistic approach doesn’t just help our members become better swimmers, it helps them become better people and helps prepare them for life as they grow into adults.  We work tirelessly to make sure every one of our swimmers enters each practice and race with the best strokes possible to ensure their success and also prevent injury.  And the added benefit is that, if their strokes are perfect, they really do not need to swim as often-which also helps to prevent injury!  A combination of drills, lectures, and underwater filming gives our swimmers every piece they need to get them where they need to be.  We have a great track record of getting swimmers to the same places other swimmers get having to swim every single day!  Repetitive practice doesn’t make perfect, it makes permanent!

Our dryland and strength training program is also beyond reproach!  With the consultation of industry experts, including our co-founder Chasity Palma, we have designed a truly groundbreaking strength-training program that is geared toward adolescent swimmers.  It combines many different theories of training and takes the best of each one to give our swimmers a huge leg up on their competition and helps set them up with a habit they will be able to utilize their entire lives!  Manipulated for each age group, our strength-training program is one you will not find anywhere else! 

Our third-and most important-tier is nutrition.  Properly fueling your child’s body may be the most important job you have as a parent and we are very passionate about helping you do it!  Finding balance, urging the importance of frequency, and creating accountability are the keys to making our system work and it does so much more than just helping them get through a swim practice.  Again we have gone to industry experts, and with their help, we have found the best possible plan for your child to follow, and it will help them in each and every aspect of their life!  Blood-sugar regulation helps to make sure they have energy all day long, making school and studying easier, and puts them in swim practice ready and raring to go!  This past year our swimmers began keeping a log of what they were eating and it has helped take our program to an even higher level, and they are rewarded every week when they participate! 

Last, we have a specialized clientele, and that is YOU!!!  Any kid who wants to learn to become a better swimmer and wants to have a whole lot of fun doing it is PERFECT for our team!  Your child is the most important thing in your life and I will ALWAYS treat them as such!  Nothing makes me happier than seeing a kid happy, and fun and enjoyment are the biggest driving forces in what I do!  I want your swimmer to be with me for a very long time and I will do anything I can to make that happen!  Our 3-tier approach is a way of life for me and my family and we want each and every one of you to join us in this amazing and beneficial journey!!!