Welcome Letter


Welcome Letter from Head Coach Danny Palma


For many years, I have had a vision of a different kind of swim team.  Ten years ago I began this journey, and I am very proud to announce we are finally here. We will hold practice primarily at The Westminster School's pool, and some practices during winter school swim team season will be at the Family Life Center at Second Ponce de Leon Baptist Church.  Having watched, taught, and learned things from all your children over these past years, I know we are ready to take on the world, and I would like to invite you to be a big part of it.


Purpose:  To start, my first and biggest promise is that we will NEVER lose the personal focus and attention to each and every swimmer that I have worked so hard to always provide.  We keep the team small to start so that we can make sure that this focus is never jeopardized.  Buckhead Aquatics' goal will be to help our swimmers continue to grow and exceed their every expectation.  I am also proud to say that we will be doing several new things that I truly believe will help our team reach a higher level.  Over the years, I have seen several areas where we can improve our program, and finally we are in a position to implement these improvements.


We take an active role in proper nutrition for our swimmers, whether it's meet time or even day-to-day practices.  A properly fueled body and mind can achieve more and learn more, and this new attention to health will provide our swimmers an added boost to their competitions.


Another improvement will come in our land-based training.  Our Fitness Coach Chasity Palma is a ground-breaking trainer and has amazing new things to teach our athletes.  Her ability to offer and combine different types of workouts, while focusing on form and technique at the same time, will give our swimmers the same detail to training as we give to swimming.  With Coach Chasity's combinations of boot camps, spin classes, core strength, weight training, and more, our swimmers will find a level of fitness they have never seen before.  A fun note: our Saturday practices for our older groups of swimmers will involve a gym workout at Jeanne's Body Tech, one of our sponsors, followed by an hour swim workout at Second Ponce's pool. 

We will periodically be hosting figures from different professional sports fields, swimming and others, who will come talk to our swimmers, educate them in different areas of training and motivation, and show our swimmers what can be achieved with hard work.  I am very excited to be able to offer this, and hopefully we can get a couple of gold medalists lined up!

This is a dream come true for me, and I am very excited to be able to share this with you.  Please send me any questions you may have, and we look very forward to hearing from you all.  I know this will be the best program in the city!


Coach Danny Palma