Become an Official

On becoming an official

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. All costs to become an official are covered by the team, unless you start the program then decide not to finish. At that time, repayment would need to be worked out. How do I become a USA Swimming Official?

We have two entry level positions for Deck Officials:
Stroke & Turn Judge (S&T) The officials standing at either end of the pool or walking along the side of the pool observing the swimmers to ensure that the technical rules of the individual strokes are being followed. Progression for S&T include positions of Starter and Referee

 Administrative Official (AO) The officials who deal with the paper work side of swim meets. AOs exercise general supervision over Clerk of Course activities ,i.e.( deck entries, event check in, scratches, distribution of heat sheets and timing cards, and serve as on deck information center, etc.); Meet Management activities, i.e. (entry requirements, heat sheets, processing of deck entries. Positive check in seeding, scoring, etc.); Timing operations and timing adjustments; recording DQs and production of results. Progression for AO include Clerk of Course, Recorder/Scorer (Hy Tech operator), Timing judge, and Meet Directors.

What is required to be an official? - Must become a non-athlete member of USA Swimming, Level II criminal background check,  and Athlete Protection Training.

Complete designated training program and clinic for the entry level position of you choice. ($15). - Serve as an apprentice official at designated number of swim sessions. What is involved in the training programs? - Stroke & Turn Judge (S&T) S&T training is primarily accomplished via a ?Home School? program. After completing the necessary application, which will be provided, you will receive a USA Swimming rule book and a CD / DVD containing our self paced training program. You study at home at your own pace, taking as much or as little time as you need. When you complete your studies and the open book exams, contact your training coordinator who sent you the Home School program and a mini express clinic will be scheduled, usually at a swim meet that you plan on attending.

Following the clinic you need to complete a apprenticeship of 5 sessions accomplished at 2 separate meets working with a certified S&T judge to gain your certification. For those of you who do not like to work on a computer we do offer a full S&T training clinic that takes 4 ? hours to complete. This mega-clinic is followed by the apprenticeship described above. - Administrative Official (AO) Training involves attending a training clinic (4 hours), complete USA-S Administrative Official exam followed by an apprenticeship of 5 sessions accomplished at a minimum of 2 separate meets working with a certified Administrative Official to gain your certification.

How do I get started?

Talk to Coach Pepper, or the officials coordinator Rob at