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Team Gear

Where do we order TEAM GEAR?

Navy team suits, warm-up jackets, warm-up pants and parkas all with the white GCAT logo can all be purchased through our team Speedo representative, Heather Demott with GearUp, LLC.  She also has Speedo technical/racing suits, goggles and other practice equipment like fins, kick boards, paddles, Speedo swim bags with the GCAT logo and your swimmers' name and more! 

All of these items can be purchased through Heather Demott.  Make sure you tell her you are with GCAT.  Please feel free to call or text Heather at 912-675-0127 or email her at [email protected] to find out about price and Speedo specials before you order items somewhere else. 

You can preview items (without the GCAT logo) and prices on Augusta Swim Supply's webpage:   User ID: GCAT  Password: 1234

Silicone team swim caps (with the swimmer's last name printed on both sides) are only ordered 2 or 3 times a year.  This has to be a group order because we need at least 15 sets to place an order.  Caps are $32 per set.  These caps should be dried off after use. Please watch for email alerts about these swim cap orders being open.   Latex GCAT caps are $5 each and Silicone GCAT caps (no last name) are $15 each.