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Team Gear

TEAM GEAR       

GCAT is a Proud Partner with Mizuno!

Our team colors can be seen in our purple and turquoise swim caps. Pair these caps with black Mizuno practice suits that sport a white GCAT logo for a regal look for our talented swimmers. Suits and practice equipment can be purchased by clicking on the link below.

Please support GCAT by purchasing Mizuno from our online store!  
  • Team suits, Warm-up jackets & pants, Parkas Sweatshirts and T-Shirts

  • Men and Women's Technical Racing Suits (age 13 & up)

  • Goggles, fins, kick boards, paddles, pull buoys, swim bags and more!


Our special purple silicone swim caps with the swimmer's last name printed on both sides are specially ordered as a group. Please watch for e-mails stating a cap purchase is now open. 

  • Caps are $32 for a pair 

  • Silicone GCAT caps (no last name) are $15 each 

  • Latex GCAT caps are $5 each

If you have any questions, concerns or just need a little help please contact Trisha Dibkey at [email protected]