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Team Gear

Want more GCAT gear?                                                    Shop GCAT's Reddiset link below

  Our team colors are purple and turquoise. Our black Mizuno  practice suits come from Reddiset with the GCAT logo on them. Each swimmer received one this year once they were registered, but additional suits and practice equipment can be purchased at any time by clicking on the link below.

Need help finding a product that's not in our store?  Just send an e-mail to:  [email protected],com

Or call: 1-470-845-7565 

Click below to make a purchase:

What's in the team store? Team suits, Warm-up jackets & pants, Parkas, Sweatshirts and T-Shirts, Men and Women's Technical Racing Suits (Tech suits are for Age 13 & up only), goggles, fins, kick boards, paddles, pull buoys, swim bags and more!  


Our special purple silicone swim caps with the swimmer's last name printed on both sides are custom ordered as a group.  We need at least 15 sets to place an order.  *Please watch for e-mails which say GCAT Cap Order Now Open. These silicone custom printed caps are $32 for a pair.  

Coach Bill always has these types of GCAT caps: 

       Silicone GCAT caps (no last name) are $15 each 

       Latex GCAT caps are $5 each

If you have any questions or just need a little help with ordering please contact Trish at [email protected]