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Click here for the link to the GA Swimming Officials Page.  Here you will find step by step directions on how to become an official.  


We have two entry level positions for Deck Officials:

  • Stroke & Turn Judge (S&T)
    • The officials standing at either end of the pool or walking along the side of the pool observing the swimmers to ensure that the technical rules of the individual strokes are being followed.  Progression for S&T include positions of Starter and Referee.
  • Administrative Official (AO)
    • The officials who deal with the paper work side of swim meets. AOs exercise general supervision over Clerk of Course activities ,i.e.( deck entries, event check in, scratches, distribution of heat sheets and timing cards, and serve as on deck information center, etc.); Meet Management activities, i.e. (entry requirements, heat sheets, processing of deck entries. Positive check in seeding, scoring, etc.);  
    • Timing operations and timing adjustments; recording DQs and production of results. Progression for AO include Clerk of Course, Recorder/Scorer (Hy Tech operator), Timing judge, and Meet Directors.

Please ask any of the GCAT Officials about how to get started.

Eric Wayner

​John Pastorek

Steve Seymour

Patti Van Brunt

Chris Dibkey

​Tony Royek

Patricia Fernandez

Deanne Blande

Tim Czarnecki

​Cesilia Olivas

George Patselas