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Multi-Use Locker Room Policy

 While USA Swimming and GCAT strive to allow only athletes use of the locker rooms during practice time, swim lessons, and meets, the actual physical layout of a facility prevents such exclusive use. In situations where a changing area/restroom is shared with the general public or with coaches and parents, it is likely others will use the space at practice times, during lessons, and during meets. In such cases, coaches and staff will make every effort to recognize when an athlete goes to the locker room during practice and if they do not return in a timely fashion will check on the athlete’s whereabouts.

We discourage parents from entering the locker rooms even in multiuse situations unless it is truly necessary. In those instances, it should only be a same‐sex parent entering the locker room. If this is necessary, the parent should not delay in the locker room. If an athlete needs assistance with his or her uniform or gear (for example, a child under the age of eight), or an athlete’s disability warrants assistance, then the same-sex parent may enter to help the athlete but not delay in the locker room. Applicable Adults as defined by MAAPP are not to be alone in the locker room with an athlete. If the parent who needs to assist the athlete is not same-sex as the child who is over the age of 5 and there are no family changing areas available at the facility, the parent needs to speak with a coach or head lifeguard about clearing the locker room for the sex of the parent to assist their child in the locker room. If family changing areas are available, the opposite-sex parent and child shall use the family changing area. Applicable Adults as defined by MAAPP are not to be alone in the locker room with an athlete.

Coaches and staff may need to enter the multiuse locker rooms during practice times, lessons, and meets while athletes are in the locker rooms. In these situations, coaches and staff will not delay in the locker room and will not interact with the athletes while in the locker room. Applicable Adults as defined by MAAPP are not to be alone in the locker room with an athlete.

GCAT does not constantly monitor locker rooms and changing areas over extended practice times, but GCAT does make periodic sweeps of these areas. Staff and coaches conduct these sweeps, with women checking on female locker rooms and men checking on male locker rooms.

GCAT maintains this same policy during meets and during swim lessons.

Please remember that regardless of the type of locker room or changing area being used, the use of audio or visual recording devices, including a cell phone camera, is not allowed under any circumstances. This prohibition applies to everyone in  and any facility GCAT is using for training and swim lessons during the time of such training and lessons.

As with all situations, if you see something that concerns you, please say something to your coach, swim instructor, or staff. GCAT strives to maintain a safe and inclusive environment for all athletes of any age.