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2-week Trial Form

WELCOME New Swimmers to the GCAT Family! 

We are excited that your swimmer(s) want to join GCAT.  You may attend a few practices (2-wk trial) before joining the team.  During the trial your swimmer's ability will be evaluated, they will meet our coaches and their future teammates.  Trials start on any Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday with the exception of holidays.

Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before the practice time on your first day. Your swimmer can attend 2 weeks of practice for free after submitting the required waiver form.  This is limited to two consecutive weeks only.  Please do not take advantage of the free trial period.  Lying or cheating will not be tolerated. All GCAT swimmers and families are expected to abide by good morals and values. 

Click on the link below to open up the 2-week Trial Form:  


Print the form, fill it out, and scan it back to [email protected]  For liability reasons, your child cannot start swimming with the team until this form is received by an administrator or coach. You may bring the form to the first practice and give it to the coach if you have trouble submitting it via e-mail. 

If you decide you want your swimmer to join GCAT, you will REGISTER through our website.  Go to and click on "Join GCAT!" in the ribbon at the top of the page.  The remaining days of the month will be prorated and credited to your account.  You can register at any time, but monthly fees are invoiced on the 1st of every month.   

We look forward to meeting you and your swimmer!