GCAT Partners



  • Required Equipment: 
    • swimsuit
    • goggles
    • towel
  • Recommended Practice Equipment:
    •  JSL Group: Fins or Zoomers, Pull buoy, kickboard, and mesh bag with name on it.
    •  Bronze group: Fins or Zoomers, a kickboard, small paddles and a mesh bag with name on it.
    •  Silver & Gold group:  Arena fins, paddles, pull buoy, kickboard, snorkel and a mesh bag.
    •  Senior group: Arena fins, paddles, pull buoy, kickboard, snorkel and mesh bag.  At times swimmers may need additional items specific to their individual goals and should consult with Coach Bill.


Team Swim Caps:

Periodically you will receive notices about GCAT personalized caps, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other gear that is available for purchase from the team and our website directly. You can always suggest swag items to Coach Bill.  

  • Swimmers will receive a latex GCAT swim cap with their registration.  Please make sure your swimmers request their team shirt and cap from their coaches. 
  • If you have want to purchase additional GCAT caps please ask the coaches.  We usually have additional latex = $5 and silicone caps = $15 for sale.
  • Personalized silicone caps are only ordered periodically through the website.  You will receive an email when a sale opens, so make sure you are receiving GCAT emails.  If not, then go to the website, log into your account and add an email to your account where you will see notifications. Also add TeamUnify emails to your contacts. A pair of Silicone Personalized (last name) on the GCAT team cap = $32