Coaches and Staff

Meet the Coaches


JIM YOUNG                                                                                                                      

Head coach Jim Young has led the LA program since 1982 and is the only American Swim Coaches Association certified coach in the area (ASCA level 4). He has been coaching in Georgia longer than any other coach in the state and has served twice as the president of the state swimming coaches committee, served Georgia Swimming as the vice chair, age group chair, coaches chair, technical planning chair and senior swimming committee member.

Coach Jim and LA have vast experience and knowledge in developing swimmers from the beginning swim team level through elementary, middle and high school years on to a successful college career. The LA program philosophy is based around the question of where we want to see the youth of today when they reach adulthood and what kind of experiences do they need during their developmental years in order to become positive, achieving, successful, contributing members of our community and nation into their 20’s, 30’s. 40’s and beyond. We believe that the LA approach to youth development through the medium of competitive swimming offers unique lessons that greatly contribute to the experiences needed for life-long success. As far as the sport itself goes, we are not so concerned with how fast a swimmer is at age 10 or 11 but whether or not that swimmer is still in the sport through their high school and hopefully college years and still enthusiastically participating and improving.


Crystal Tavares                                                                                                                          

Coach Crystal Tavares comes to Lanier Aquatics from central Florida where she ran the Kissimmee Swim Association for the past nine years.   As an ASCA Level 4, Coach Crystal has produced Junior and Senior National swimmers as well as Sectional and State finalists.  She believes in a technique focus with a strong aerobic base produces the best swimmers. She was involved with the Florida LSC as an Area rep for Central Florida, she also served as the 13-14 Boys coach for the 2015 Florida All Star meet and the 13-14 Girls coach for the 2015 Florida Age Group Zone Team.