How to View Invoices


1.      Team Unify invoices the details of your monthly bill at midnight the last day of each month and then clears all details with the exception of the balance of your account. Accounts with past due balances must be paid by the 15th of the month. Accounts with balances past the 15th will have a late charge of $25 for every month the bill goes unpaid added to their invoice.

2.      You may view your details and account status anytime during the month by following these steps:

• Go to MAAC home page at:

• Sign in using your email address and password 

• Under MY ACCOUNT - Click on MY INVOICE/Payment located on left side of home page 

• This screen has rows for each month of this sessions invoicing to date. 

  It has 7 columns – Locate the column with the header ACCT BALANCE (6th column from left side) 

• Go to the current month’s row – and see the word VIEW highlighted in red.  Click on the word view to see the details of this month’s charges and payments. 


If you have an outstanding balance in your account, it will have a minus (-) next to the monetary value. 


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