Training Philosophy

MAAC Training Philosophy

Our philosophy is focused on helping our athletes become physically, emotionally, and mentally aware of their bodies and surroundings. We aim to cultivate young athletes into positive, energetic, well informed individuals who can think critically and problem solve.  Skills learned through swimming, such as toughness, grit, self analysis, humility and an unflinching confidence in their ability to succeed, is what will help them develop a great sense of character and a strong work ethic. Our training philosophy strives to promote these skills through our 9 core values:


Fun, Passion, and Love of Swimming - In order to stay in competitive swimming, an individual must love the sport, truly want to improve, and be willing to make sacrifices in order to attain their goals. We make thoughtful, well organized, exciting, and fun workouts so that our swimmers look forward to coming to work out.


Knowledge and Logic Based Learning - We believe in educating our swimmers, coaches, and parents.  We want our athletes to think while they swim.  First, swimmers must understand the what, why, when, and hows of generating the most efficient propulsion.  We want our athletes to learn how to self correct and make all the necessary adjustments to their strokes during workout and competition. Our athletes will be required to read short passages about stroke technique and mental preparation for competitive events. Occasionally they view videos of themselves swimming and of other swimmers’ technique in order to understand how execute proper technique.


Communication - Coaches, parents, and swimmers need to have open lines of communication.  Coaches must effectively communicate to parents and swimmers their expectations, the swimmer’s progress, and opportunities to improve. Parents must effectively communicate to coaches what their goals and expectations are for their children and provide any pertinent information that may have an impact on their children’s training.  Athletes must effectively communicate their goals to their coaches and parents.  


Body Awareness and Body Position - Swimmers must gain a sense of body awareness and must learn how to have a relaxed sense of control over every muscle in their body. The key to developing technique is having a clear understanding of how the body should be positioned in the water to reduce drag and increase propulsion and efficiency.  


Strength Comprehension - We believe that strength is comprised of 5 major components: 1) Flexibility, 2) Coordination, 3) Technical Efficiency, 4) Body Control, and 5) Endurance.  Strength must be developed within the context of the swimmers’ strokes. The measure of strength is not found in the amount that an individual can bench press. Rather, true swimming strength is determined by how well an athlete can translate physical strength into an efficient, relaxed, controlled swim (both in speed and movement), and is determined by how long each swimmer can repeat the movements with consistent power and efficiency.


Racing Based Training Over Volume - We do not believe in doing high volume yardage for extended periods of time. Most of our training sessions will be no longer than 2 hours.  The quality of a training session is not determined by the length of the workout, or by the volume. Instead, quality is determined by the speed of the swims and efficiency of the athlete’s stroke.  Most of our training will be performed at race pace.  While we will have recovery workouts, most of our training sets will be done at high intensity.


Consistency - Swimmers must be consistent in training session attendance, effort, and in proper technical execution of the strokes.  


Technique and Propulsion Comprehension - Swimmers must be diligent in their execution of proper technique. They must be able to understand, visualize, feel, and consistently execute correct technique throughout the entire practice.


Competition - Competition is inherent in the sport and necessary for improvement.  We want our swimmers to have a healthy attitude towards competing.  Workouts will have a strong racing component to help our swimmers develop their racing skills.


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