Practice Policy




The MAAC coaching staff encourages parents to watch practice from time to time. Here are some important guidelines to keep in mind when observing a practice.

First, we ask that you not communicate with your child during practice and compete with a coach for his/her attention.

Young swimmers want their parents’ approval more than anything. If they know you are watching practice, it’s only natural for some of their attention to be directed to you. However, for the swimmers to learn as much as possible, it is imperative that the coaches have your child’s undivided attention during practice.

Second, we insist that parents do not interrupt the coaches on deck while they are coaching.

If you need to communicate with a coach, please do so before or after practice or arrange some other meeting time that works for your family as well as the coach.

Third, if you have not attended all practice sessions, just keep in mind that you may not understand the purpose of what the swimmers are doing on any given day.

Our coaches spend a considerable amount of time planning weekly training sessions for each of their practice groups. Each training set or instructional drill has a purpose and one practice and/or practice set often builds on another throughout the week and/or season.

Finally, please do not try to coach your child based on what you see (or think you don’t see) him/her do. Many times when teaching stroke skills, the coaches ask our swimmers to do things that might not look correct or might actually be illegal according to the rules, but has an important purpose in teaching skills (i.e. swimming one-arm fly or breaststroke with a flutter kick).

Thanks for your cooperation and support.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact your child’s coach.