First Meet Info


We attempt to provide challenging and success-oriented competitive situations for swimmers of all ages and abilities. The following policies outline our philosophy about competition:

  • We emphasize competition with oneself.Winning ribbons, medals, and setting records is not our main goal. The individual’s improvement is our primary objective.
  • Sportsmanlike behavior is of equal importance to improve performance. Team spirit, respect for officials and opponents, determined effort, and mature attitudes are examples of behavior valued and praised by the coaching staff.
  • Swimmers are taught to set realistic yet challenging goals for meets and to relate those goals in practice in an effort to direct their training efforts.
  • Swimmers are encouraged to compete in all swimming events and strokes. This policy promotes versatility and encourages the swimmer to explore his/her potential in the wide range of events offered in competitive swimming.


All swimmers should be able to pack their own gear for a swim meet. The following is a check list of items to bring to the meet:

  • Competition Suit
  • Team swim cap
  • Goggles (multiple)
  • Towel(s)
  • Poolside shoes or sandals
  • Nutritious snacks and drinks

Swimmers may want to bring a blanket or pillow as well as something to entertain themselves with (books, magazines, iPod, etc.) between events. Parents may wish to bring chairs and something entertaining as well. Some sites have space outside to set up a canopy/tent for relaxing between swims.


  • If you have to miss a meet, leave early or arrive late, inform the coach.
  • Arrive at the meet 15 minutes prior to the scheduled team warm-up period. One of the coaches will direct the warm-up.
  • Wear the official Morgan County Marlins Swim Team cap.
  • Be responsible for getting to the proper location in time for your races.
  • When not swimming your races, you should be either resting in the team area, talking to your coach, or cheering for your teammates.
  • Stay for the ENTIRE meet and make sure to CLEAN YOUR AREA!
  • Make sure to talk to your coach before and after each race to see what you need to improve on.


  • Many meets are excellent for beginners of all ages. Anyone on the team can compete. If you have questions about your child’s readiness to compete or which strokes your child is ready to take to a meet, please talk with the coaches before or after practice.
  • At the meet, purchase a “heat sheet.” The heat sheet lists all the events at the meet including stoke, distance, heat, and lane. It is helpful to highlight your races (different colors for different members of the family make them easier to find). It is also helpful to use a fine tip Sharpie marker to mark each swimmer’s races directly on his/her arm or leg.
  • Though it may seem foreign, parents must trust that their swimmers can operate without them by their side. Parents are not allowed on the pool deck and must remain in the spectator area.
  • Encourage your swimmer to take responsibility for knowing what his/her events are including the event number, stroke, distance, heat, and lane.
  • Some meets require swimmers to go to a bullpen. Listen for bullpen announcements or check the board and report to the bullpen promptly when your event is called. The swimmers will then be placed in order and directed to the blocks at the appropriate time.
  • When entered in a relay, know who your teammates are and what order and stroke you are swimming. If you are not sure who your relay teammates are, ask a coach.
  • If you feel lost, or uninformed at any time, please ask for help from an experienced swimmer or parent. We were all new once and will be more than happy to answer your questions.
  • Results of the events are often posted on site. Swimmers can check their official times, places and points as the meet progresses.