2017-18 Fundraising Commitment
As a team, we try to keep our swim fees as low and reasonable as we possibly can. One of the ways we do this is through Quarterly Fundraising.
All Groups, 
$50.00 per family per Quarter   
Varsity, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Junior, and Senior.
Quarterly fundraising dues are charged four times per year and are owed by each Swim Macon family (not per child). If your swimmer(s) swims at least 6 weeks of a quarter, your family owes the dues for that quarter. The quarters are:
Fall Quarter: September – November
Winter Quarter: December – February
Spring Quarter: March – May
Summer Quarter June - August
The Quarterly Fundraising Dues are $50 per quarter (per Swim Macon Family).  This money is set aside to pay for items not covered by the monthly swimming dues.  Purchases in the past have included the tent we use to enclose the pool for the Short-Course season, starting blocks, etc.
We offer opportunities for you to reduce your Quarterly Fundraising commitment with 
several fundraising programs:
3. November Poinsettia Sales 
4. Kroger Community Rewards
Buy purchasing gift cards, the team receives a percentage of the amount you purchase. There are many businesses that participate. Just a few examples: Cracker Barrel, Olive Garden, Outback, Bath and Body Works, The Gap, Marshall’s, Rich’s, Marriott Hotels, and several gas stations, and more. There are specific dollar increments available, such as $10, $25, or $50, and the percentages the team receives varies from store to store, with the average being 5%- 10%. By using SCRIP,  you are satisfying some or all of your fundraising requirement, helping the team and also obtaining goods and services you already use.
Example of SCRIP: If you buy $50 worth of gift cards from Long Horn Steakhouse, who pays 8%, you will receive $4 toward your commitment (50 x 8%).
How to obtain SCRIP: 
Everyone using scrip must create an online family account.   
Go to
click register on left side of page 
Join an existing scrip program (Swim Macon)
Enter enrollment code 75AB793639313 and create a family account.
You do not have to enter any payment or bank information in order to create this account it only allows you to place an order through our SMAC account and enables us to track your orders to credit your fund raising.
Ordering through Team and paying via check:
To order scrip gift cards through the team you can place a paper order through me or online through your account and pay the swim team via check when the order is placed.  The scrip ordered is usually shipped within 1-2 days of placing the team order.
Regular orders will be placed on the 5th and 20th of the month.
Ordering and Paying on-line:
Families may wish to order their own gift cards through Scrip and create a Presto Pay account.  This enables a family to pay through their own debit account and they may order gift cards, Scrip NOW and can also Reload onto previously ordered gift cards.  In order to participate in any of these - ScripNOW, or RELOAD, or ordering yourself for shipment to your door you must participate and create a PrestoPay account.  I have attached information regarding these and one can also read about on 
Swim Outlet is a great source for the equipment and suits your swimmer will use.  If you order using our page, the team is credited about 8% per order, excluding tax and shipping fees.  
To receive credit toward your fundraising commitment:
Place your order at
Print a copy of your receipt and drop it in the in-box at the pool, OR
eMail your receipt to [email protected]
Your fundraising account will be credited for 8% of your order.
Poinsettia Sales
Each November, the team sells beautiful Poinsettia plants in 2 sizes and 4 colors at a competitive price.  For each plant sold be a family, their fundraising account will be credited $3.  Many families purchase these for themselves, as gifts and to decorate their offices.  
With these programs, we try to make it possible to meet your family’s commitment per quarter.  If your commitment per family is not met by the end of each quarter, your family is responsible for paying the remainder of the balance. 
Please look for emails from Lisa Hichkad on these programs as well as posts on the board at the pool.
Kroger Community Rewards & Directions to link your Kroger Card to our Non-Profit Organization.


​PLEASE NOTE: A family fundraising commitment balance that is still outstanding after 15 days will result in the loss of your family’s participation in swim practice and any upcoming swim meets that you are entered in with Swim Macon