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Pool Rules

Pool Rules 2017

Normal Hours of Operation** will be posted online and at the pool. All persons using the pool or pool area shall assume responsibility for their own safety and shall be deemed to have assumed the risk of using the pool or pool area and agree by their presence in the pool area that neither the Stone Creek Golf Club, Valdosta Aquatics, or those organization’s employees shall be held liable for any loss, injury or death arising out of the pool or pool area.


All members must be Stone Creek Community Residents, Stone Creek Golf Club Members, or Valdosta Aquatics Swim Team Members. 

Single Membership:  An individual membership

Family Membership:  Memberships for all individuals within a household.  This entitles the home owner(s) living in the house and all dependents living at that residence who are under 25 years old and unmarried.  Full-time student (i.e., college) are included in this membership.

Child Care:  An individual membership for persons 16 years or older who are responsible for children who have membership to the pool.  This pass will only allow access when the individual is accompanied by a person from the family membership.

Grandparent Pass: An individual membership for grandparents and allows him/her to take grandchildren who are members to the pool.  This pass will only allow access when the individual is accompanied by a person from the family membership.

Pre-Paid Guest Pass: Three-pack of unlimited use guest passes. All other guest will be a $5 per person per day charge.

**See SCGC Pool Membership Schedule at 


1)  Persons under the age of sixteen (16) and all minors are not permitted in the pool area unless accompanied by a parent or other person sixteen (16) years of age or older who agrees to assume responsibility for the child’s safety and behavior.  Parents and responsible persons must be a member; guests (passes or daily fee) cannot assume responsibility of persons under the age of sixteen (16).

2)  Members must have membership cards with them to be allowed access to the pool and/or water works. 

3)  Guests must be accompanied by members at all times to be allowed access to the pool.  All guests must have a guest pass or pay daily fee to enter pool.

4)  Pool attendants shall have the full authority to enforce all rules and regulations and to supervise the general conduct of all persons in the pool area. Pool attendants shall have full authority to maintain order, reprimand, discipline, restrict and evict any individual not complying with the rules and regulations.

      5)  Running, wrestling, pushing, dunking,

excessive noise or other hazardous activity will not be permitted in the pool or pool area.

6)  No glass containers of any kind will be permitted within the pool enclosure.

7)  Lifesaving and pool cleaning equipment should be used only for the purpose intended.

8)  Please do not unnecessarily talk to or distract the pool attendant(s) on duty.

9)  Swimmers are not allowed in any part of the clubhouse in their swim attire. Swimmers must be dry and wear a cover- up or must be fully clothed when entering the clubhouse.

10)  Members and their guests are responsible for properly disposing of their trash in the pool area.


1)  Persons are not permitted in the pool if they have a cold, cough, fever, infection of any kind, skin rash, inflamed eye(s), or are wearing bandages.

2)  Persons with physical or neurological disabilities or a responsible adult accompanying that person must advise the pool attendant of such conditions.


1)  Persons must wear suitable bathing attire while swimming; no cutoffs, dungarees or Bermuda shorts will be permitted.

2)  No material that is weathered or torn that may cause pool filter to clog.

3)  Management reserves the right to not allow emittance to pool area if anyone is considered to be dressed inappropriate.

4)  Outside of pool area, members are to wear cover up and shoe in Clubhouse.


Members may be terminated or suspended by the Stone Creek Golf Club and/or Valdosta Aquatics if, in the sole judgment of the Stone Creek Golf Club and/or Valdosta Aquatics the member:

                 1) Submits false information on the Application for Membership Privileges.

                 2) Exhibits unsatisfactory behavior, conduct or appearance.

3)  Fails to pay any amount owed to the Club in a proper and timely manner.

4)    Fails to abide by these rules.

5)    Treats the personnel or employees of the Club in an unreasonable or abusive manner.

6)    Exhibits any other conduct warranting termination of membership, as determined by the General Manager or Owner.

7)    Commission of any felony or misdemeanor theft at the Facilities.

8)    Sixty-day delinquency or Fails to pay any amount owed to the Club in a proper and timely manner

9)    Degrading another person's race, gender or religion.

10)  Fighting or other physical abuse and/or gross verbal abuse of staff, Members, Family members or guests.

11)  Continued and repeated violations of these Rules and Regulations.

12)  Willful destruction of the Club property, property of a staff member, Member, his or her family members or their respective guests, or the property of any person at Stone Creek Golf Club.

13)  Posting pictures or information of Stone Creek Property, pool, pool members, or staff without the consent of Stone Creek Golf Club and Valdosta Aquatics and others. This includes all Social Media platforms as this could be consider harmful.


1)  Guests are entitled to use the pool facilities upon registration with the pool attendant and purchase of a daily pool pass at rates determined by the Club or use of guest pass when accompanied by member of guest pass who is 16 years-old or older.  At this time, the rate is $5.00 per guest.  Guest passes are $100.00 for the unlimited use of three passes.

2)  No Member may sponsor more than three guests for admission to the pool area per day.  Permission from Club must be received for having four or more guests. Guests need to be accompanied by the sponsoring Member when using the pool facilities; however, Members must obtain prior approval from the Club in the event the sponsoring Member will not be accompanying the guest.

3)  Guest passes can be used by members whose membership numbers on the membership card(s) and guest passes match.  Only three guest passes per membership will be issued. Guest passes can be purchased with application or through Valdosta Aquatics, if separate from application.

4)  Guest privileges may be limited during peak periods as determined at the sole discretion of the Club and/or Valdosta Aquatics.

5)   Pool Parties are not allowed without Permission of the Club and/or Valdosta Aquatics


Please Contact Valdosta Aquatics anytime via email if there are any problems or violation of these rules. You may remain anonymous.