Disability Selection

Disability Selection


This year we are taking applicants by email. If you have any athletes that are interested please email Sydney Pepper their classification and top times as soon as possible. Her email is [email protected]. Deadline is 6/28.

We are so excited to announce our official disability roster for Age Group Zones! Thank you to all who applied and to our amazing manager, Sydney Pepper for all she does. Good luck to our athletes!

Harper Scott - RAYS

Natalie Allen - CW
Emily Hedges - DYNA
Owen McNear- ASL
Adam Stewart - BA
Daniel Wondaferew - ATAQ

Disability athletes for the Age Group Zone Team are chosen through a point process. All athletes considering joining the Zone Team should complete the Age Group Zone Team Application. There is a non-refundable $25 application fee for all applicants.

There will also be six (6) disabled athletes selected to the team: three (3) males and three (3) females. The formula used for selection takes the swimmer’s time (preferably LCM to avoid conversion differences from SCY to LCM) in their respective classification for eligible events and divides it by the US Paralympic Emerging Times (Z = emerging time/actual time (Z=E/A). Results are then added and divided by the number of eligible events. The top three of each gender is chosen for the Zone Team.