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Silver (Minimum Age 11)

Fall Schedule (Begins August 21st, 2017) 6pm-8pm

Dryland Begins August 28th, 2017   M/W/F 5pm-6pm

6 days including Saturday. 2 hours /twice a day except Saturdays 7am-9am

Summer Schedule (June 12th - August 16th) 7 am-9 am and 6:30 pm-8:30 pm

Minimum Requirements:

Must successfully pass promotional goals for Bronze Gators and have proper equipment prior to first day of practice. (See equipment list below)

Group Description:

Silver Gators swim 4000-5000 yards daily. This group is for the serious top level age group swimmer. The priorities of this group are to improve and emphasize technique, race strategy, proper practice habits, nutrition, teamwork, conditioning and goal setting. This group is primarily for the swimmers who are achieving “A” to JO+ standards within their respective age group.

Group Focus:

  • Emphasis on refinement of all aspects of swimming and swim meet preparation
  • Reinforcement of proper technique in conjunction with training
  • Conditioning is a major priority of this group
  • One hour dryland training 2 times a week including running, crunches, push-ups and calisthenics
  • Saturday practice sessions are added only by coach’s invitation
  • Participation is one meet per month is required

Promotional Goals:

Swimmers in this group strive to reach these goals for consideration to be moved up to the next group.

80% attendance=4 days per week must be achieved for promotional consideration.

  • 15 x 100 flutter kick on the 2:00
  • 16 x 100 Freestyle on the 1:30
  • 5 x 200 IM on the 2:50 

Equipment List:

Swimmers must have the following equipment prior to the first day of practice.

  1. 2 pairs of goggles (fitted and ready to use)
  2. Speedo Training Fins
  3. 2 practice caps
  4. Mesh equipment bag
  5. Stroke Master Paddles (Red/Small or Green)
  6. Finis Snorkel (straight gold one, not curved one)
  7. 1 competitive style practice swim suit
  8. Team cap

Please put your name on all of your belongings and equipment with a permanent marker!

Swimmers will also need to purchase a racing suit. Racing suits are uses solely for that purpose and are worn much tighter than practice suits to reduce drag. Black is the preferred team color. At a minimum our athletes are expected to compete with the team cap at all USA Swimming sanctioned meets.

Speedo is our team suit & equipment provider. We are required to use Speedo products whenever possible. Please see the links in Team Store for ordering equipment.