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On-Deck Policy

AQUASTAR On-Deck Policy

The following is the AQUASTAR team policy relating to use of facilities during official team-sanctioned practices.  AQUASTAR recognizes facilities included in its pool rental agreements and various covenants of its insurance policy in formulating this policy statement.  AQUASTAR’s objective is to maintain a safe environment for athletes, coaches and spectators.  The policy is written to provide general guidelines; individual pool layout and local rules may vary. 

1.   Coaches and board members shall have authority to administer the policy.

2.   All athletes, coaches and spectators should read, understand and adhere to local rules posted at practice facilities.

3.   The coaches on deck have responsibility for supervising practice and assuring proper use of practice facilities. 

4.   The practice facility includes pool, deck space, restrooms, walkway access, bleacher areas and parking lots.  During the hours of team-sanctioned practices, only coaches and athletes should utilize on-deck areas.  On-deck areas are defined as those utilized by athletes and coaches during the normal course of practice that include the pool, pool end deck space and a buffer along each side necessary for unrestricted movement of the coaches and athletes.

5.   Spectators — defined as anyone in the pool area other than coaches and athletes participating in the practice — may utilize deck space and bleacher or other seating areas provided outside the pool-length buffer at each practice facility.  Spectators should avoid pool-end deck spaces.

6.   Spectators should avoid activities that may be disruptive to coaches, athletes and other spectators during the hours of team-sanctioned practices.  Parents or guardians should ask questions of the coaches either before or after practice, and they should supervise their minor children to assure proper use of practice facilities and adherence to this policy.

7.   Some practice facility deck spaces include diving boards and non-swimming equipment such as exercise bikes and tumbling mats.  These are not included in our rental agreements and as such should not be utilized by AQUASTAR coaches, athletes or spectators.

8.   Other areas of the practice facility such as equipment lockers and storage rooms are also off limits.  AQUASTAR athletes are expected to come to practice with their own training equipment, and equipment owned by others and stored at the practice facility is not included in our rental agreements.   

9.   It is the expressed desire of the board that each practice facility have a knowledgeable parent or board member available to answer questions relating to registration, meet entry, etc., who should be positioned so as to avoid disruptions to practice.  If individual pool layout requires use of on-deck space for information displays, these may be provided in areas accessible to spectators that do not disrupt practice and that are permitted by the coaches at that facility.

10. We should leave practice facilities clean and free of debris regardless of their condition when we arrive.  AQUASTAR is a guest at practice facilities, and as a team we should work to maintain good standing at all times.  

It is not the intention of the board to restrict spectator access to practice or to the coaches, nor is it the intention of the board to detract from the AQUASTAR team experience.  It is our obligation, however, to provide a safe practice environment. 

The board endorses this policy and it reminds all who use our practice facilities to be gracious guests there.

 May 14, 2002