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AQUASTAR is a successful year-round competitive swim team located in Clear Lake, TX.  We have been "Turning today’s potential into tomorrow’s performance" for over 16 years. Now, we aim to instill the love of swimming at an earlier age, with our Learn to Swim program.

AQUASTAR’s Learn to Swim program introduces children of all ages and skill level to a new swimming program where they can learn to swim or improve their technique. It will teach children to swim in a positive, well-structured environment, while also teaching the importance of water safety. Our instructors are trained, experienced, and excited to teach swimming!  


Session 1 – June 4 - 14

Session 2 – June 18 - 28

Session 3 – July 9 - 19

Session 4 – July 23 - Aug 2

Scheduling for any class or program is on a first-come basis. To secure a spot on the schedule please call 832-816-6924 to determine availability.  Once you have your class information fill out the registration form completely, and submit with payment. Full payment  is due with registration. After all registration documents and payments are received, we will schedule you on a first-come basis, and  contact you by phone to confirm your class schedule. All lessons are held at the Oakbrook West pool (14902 Penn Hills,  at Pineloch Dr.).
For any questions regarding registration, please call 832-816-6924.
Note: Any student who is scheduled in a class less than 3/4th full may be subject to a schedule change.
You can access registration forms on this page. Print out forms as needed. Fill out completely.  Registration forms should be scanned and emailed to our registrar.  You may also bring completed forms and payment (cash, checks)  to the pool with you.  You may also click here to pay via credit card.  Please bring a printout of the confirmation page with you to the pool when registering, if you use this credit card payment link.
In Person
Registration forms are available at the Oakbrook West pool (Penn Hills and Pineloch Dr.) during class hours.  Check or cash is accepted at the pool.  This link must be used for credit card payment.  
By Mail
You may request registration forms by calling 832-816-6924.  Registration may be mailed back to the address located at the top of the forms: AQUASTAR, 15403 Pleasant Valley Rd., Houston TX 77062.  Please be sure to include payment information.
The LEARN TO SWIM program cost is $100 for 8 lessons. Lessons may be taken 4 days a week (Monday through Thursday) for two straight weeks. 
When Registering
Be sure to include which class sessions you desire.To determine correct level, please look at the class descriptions pages. Use level that best describes the level at which the student last swam. Please note out to side if this was last summer, or if student has been in another year-round program.
If student is under age five and has not swum since last summer, some regression is expected. To better determine actual level, keep in mind that until age five or six, if student is out of water for as many months as they are old (i.e., 2 months for a two year old, etc.) they will tend to forget their "balance" in the water. If between the ages two and three, children are also going through a developmental stage of experiencing fear, and this may influence their relationship with the water.
Getting assigned to a specific class: When your registration is received, students will be scheduled on a first-come basis. Specific class times will be confirmed by telephone before session begins. Be sure to include your other possibilities in scheduling, in case your first choice is not available.
AQUASTAR has a "no refund" policy.  Once classes have been scheduled, the spot is not available for other swimmers.  Classes can be rescheduled up to 14 days before the class starts.
Unfortunately, we DO NOT prorate/refund for vacations, recitals, scheduling conflicts, or instructor substitution or changes.
We do not allow instructors to teach if they are contagiously ill, but will do our best to provide a substitute teacher. If a substitute is unavailable, and we cancel your lesson, you will receive a make-up, but we DO NOT provide make-ups for vacations, recitals, scheduling conflicts, or non-illness related instructor substitutions or changes.
Lesson Procedures
Please do not feed your child right before his/her lesson.
Please arrive on time to your child’s lesson.
Students not potty trained must wear a swim diaper. Please properly dispose of diapers in the trash can outside of the pool area.
All students are encouraged to use the restroom before class.
Long hair should be pulled back and out of your child’s face.
Please remove your child’s jewelry.
Bring a towel and goggles (required).
Please respect others in the pool area. Please do not interrupt your child’s class by talking to your child or teacher during the lesson.
No food in the pool area.
Please be quick about retrieving your child if they request to use the restroom and/or after completing his/her lesson.
Absolutely no parents on the pool deck during your child’s lesson.
If you have a concern and would like to speak with your child’s instructor, please stop by the  Oakbrook pool, and someone will take your name and phone number. This will be given to the instructor and they will call you at their earliest convenience.
Call or stop by the Oakbrook West pool if you have any questions or comments regarding your child’s lesson.
AQUASTAR Learn to Swim contacts:
Mailing Address: 15403 Pleasant Valley,  Houston, TX 77062
Office phone number, registration questions: 832-816-6924
If you are interested in becoming a member of the AQUASTAR staff,  e-mail here.