Brigham Swim Center

Brigham Swim Center

2463 Golden Camp Road Augusta, GA 30906 • 706-772-5453


Head Developmental Coach: Kathleen Greely

Board of Directors, Vice President - Brigham: Michael Shekastehband

Brigham Site Parent Representatives

Red Group Rep: 

White Group Rep:


Text Alerts  

At Brigham we would like to try to send out Text alerts along with email messages.  I will also try to put some general information on the ASL web site under the Brigham Pool section.

These are directions to set up text alerts.

There are two places to set up your cell number and text messages on the ASL web site.  You need to set up SMS text messages for each swimmer (not for your account).

1. Login to your account at

2. When you click on My Account, on the main page (Account Info) tab, at the bottom of the page you will see your swimmer(s).  Click on the swimmer’s name.

**** (The page may look different from these original directions). I just looked on my account.  The second tab says member.  After clicking on member and my name showed up in green.  The rest of the directions should be correct. 

3. In the middle of the page, click Add SMS to add your cell phone number and a window will be displayed to enter a verification number. You will be sent a text verification number that you will then have to enter.

4. Check your phone for a verification number and enter that verification number in the window.

5. You need to do this for each swimmer in your family.  Make sure you click save.

Next week I will send a test text to make sure families have been able to set up for text alerts.

Coach Kathleen Greely



Practice Schedule

Monday-Thursday (at Brigham Swim Center- 2463 Golden Camp Road)

        White (MW) or (TTh)      5:00-6:00

        Red (MW) or (TTh)       5:45-7:00

Friday(At the Augusta Aquatic Center)    

        White 5:45-6:45        Red 6:30-7:45