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Becoming an Offical


An Open Invitation for You

to join the ranks of Georgia Swimming Officials.  Georgia Swimming needs officials at all levels so that our athletes may continue to compete in sanctioned/approved meets held Georgia.  In order for a team to host a meet that is sanctioned/approved by Georgia Swimming, a minimum number of trained officials must officiate the meet.  By choosing to accept this invitation, you may become an entry level official as a Stroke & Turn Judge, who evaluates swims; a Clerk of Course, who deals with swimmers’ entries and scoring; or a Timing Equipment Operator.  Volunteering for any of these positions contributes to the strength and success of your own team as well as that of all USA Swimming athletes locally, nationally, and internationally.

How do I become a USA Swimming Official?

First, complete the initial administrative requirements.

- Join USA Swimming as a non-athlete member (2012 annual membership cost $55)

- Complete USA Swimming background check (cost either $19 or $39 depending on position)

Second, choose your entry-level position.

 -Stroke & Turn Judge (S&T)

These officials stand at either end of the pool or walk along the side of the pool observing the swimmers to ensure that the technical rules of the individual strokes are being followed.  Stroke and Turn Officials may progress to positions of Starter and Referee.

-Administrator - Clerk of Course (CoC)

These officials deal with the paper work side of swim meets. They also serve as an information center at meets by answering general questions from swimmers, coaches, other officials, parents, and spectators. The upward progression for an Administrator includes Recorder/Scorer (Hy Tech operator), Timing Judge, and Meet Director.

-Automatic Timing Equipment Operator (ATO)

These officials are responsible for the automatic and semi-automatic timing equipment, including electronic starting and scoring (if used).

Third, fulfill the training requirements.

            For each of the positions, there is a $10 fee for the training program.      

-Stroke & Turn Judge (S&T)

S&T training is accomplished primarily through a “home school” program. After completing the necessary application, you will receive a USA Swimming rulebook and a CD/DVD containing our self-paced training program. When you complete your studies and the “open book” exams at your own pace, contact your training coordinator, and the coordinator will schedule a mini express clinic usually at a swim meet you are planning to attend.  (For those of you who do not like to work on a computer, we offer a full 4.5 to 5 hour S&T training clinic.)  Following the clinic you must complete an apprenticeship of 6 sessions over 3 separate meets working with a certified S&T judge to gain your certification.

-Clerk of Course (CoC)

CoC training involves attending a 4 to 4.5 hour training clinic.  Following the clinic you must complete an apprenticeship of 5 sessions over 3 separate meets working with a certified CoC to gain your certification.

-Automatic Timing Equipment Operator (ATO)

ATO training involves attending a 3 to 4 hour training clinic followed by an apprenticeship of 10 sessions working with a certified ATO to gain your certification.

Fourth, contact the Dynamo Officials Coordinator now!

The Dynamo Officials Coordinator is Douglas Kintz, cdkintz@earthlink.netor 404 578-1504.  Please contact him to express your interest in becoming an official.  Doug will arrange your training with officials associated with Dynamo who can train all levels of officials for all positions on the pool deck.

We will have a Stroke and Turn training during the next home meet, Spring Splash (May 18th and 19th).  The timing of this training will depend on your availability.  We can schedule the training during the sessions, between the sessions, or before the meet starts. Please contact Doug so you can receive the DVD for the training before the swim meet and to give him your time preference.

We are short officials right now at Dynamo, and we need your immediate help.  We work with new officials to help you understand the rules and protocols.  We value and appreciate our new officials.  The meet schedule is flexible so that you work the sessions suitable for you, and the expenses are tax deductible write.  We look forward to working with you!

Top 10 Reasons to Become an Official