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Champ Suit Policy


As we all watched the Olympics this summer, and reveled in the performances and excitement, I knew this was coming. The new tech suits where a big part of the story, and now they are a big part of OUR story.
In September, your Dynamo coaches brought forth some uniform limitations for Georgia Swimming that would restrict how much suit Age Group swimmers could wear while racing. Within Georgia and our meetings, it was defeated. I don’t think any coach is really in favor of suit technology, but many are weary of legislating it at the LSC level.
This past week, and the United States Aquatic Sports Convention, such legislation was actually enacted by USA Swimming restricting the amount of suit that a 12 and under can wear in an age group meet to nothing below the knees, or covering the shoulder. This means that jammers are fine and a normal silhouette for our girls. Below the knees and anything that zips up the back is not permitted by these age groups.
The Dynamo coaches are in favor of such, and we are enacting an updated suit policy for our team. We are very sensitive to any and all additional costs for this sport, and look for ways to eliminate rather than add them. Our policy as such is to limit the suits for our 14 and Under swimmers. Senior swimmers (15 and over), and those younger swimmers who compete in Senior Level meets are not restricted, except to be guided by their coaches.
In all:
For all meets but championship meets, our swimmers are to wear their traditional black suit with the Dynamo logo. The only requirements Dynamo asks of its athletes is the black suit and yellow cap. Other Dynamo gear you purchase is encouraged, but not required.

For Championship meets:
-   10 and Unders are to stick with their normal cut of suit they have been wearing all year. The ‘tech’ suits are not at all made for these body types.
-   11-12 year olds have the option of wearing their traditional, Speedo Aquablade. or Speedo FS2.  Girls traditional cut (not to the knee) , boys may wear jammer (to the knee) The Aquablade is an excellent suit, and costs well under $100.00 versus a LZR that can cost $550.00. Again, these LZR suits are not designed for this body type.
-   13-14 year olds are also encouraged to wear their traditional suit or the Aquablade at their championship meet. 13-14 year olds may be encouraged to wear a tech suit (LZR or Faststkin Pro, etc) by their coaches.  
We are serious about eliminating monetary roadblocks to athletes competing in our sport. The advantage we are interested in exploiting is the one that states you belong to Dynamo, and are surrounded by a great group of coaches and teammates, and we will out technique and out-work our opponents.
For ordering the team suit, you use the Kastaway order form. While we won’t be too hard on those who don’t have their suit this weekend, we do expect our athletes to be in the Team suit at meets after that.
We appreciate your support on this issue.