Collegiate Swimmers

The First Colony Swim Team is proud of successfully preparing our athletes to pursue their passion of swimming at the collegiate level. We would like to recognize these athletes for their outstanding accomplishments!

Current FCST College Swimmers:


Shelby Fruge- Emory University

Simone Manuel- Stanford University

Connor Myerson- University of Incarnate Word (Grad Student)

Kaitlyn Swinney- Rice University

Madison Varisco- UCLA




Jonathan Drewes - Texas Christian University

Alicia Finnigan - Liberty University

Ashley Mercadel - Southern Methodist University

Keegan PhoSouthern Methodist University

Charlie WortSouthern Methodist University

Michael LinOberlin College



Raphael Arcain- University of Incarnate Word

Emma Hennessy- University of Evansville

Kristen Hepler- Georgia Tech University

Arthur Yuen- Southern Methodist University



Brittany Bui- Rice University

Anastasia Kontrimas- Villanova University

Carlos Monteagudo- Emory University

Maddie StrongColby Sawyer College

Victoria Tillman- University of Houston


Previous FCST College athletes who competed in college:

Autry, Maggie: Austin College, 2013

Chesney, Matt:U.S. Naval Academy, 2008

Comerota, Michelle: Southwestern University

Condit, Rachel: Texas A&M University, 2006

Connolly, Meaghan: University of Tennessee

DeKay, Keara: Brandeis University, 2008

Dillon, Briana: Howard University, 2015

Duffy, Kelsey: Georgia Tech University, 2010

Duke, Corey: University of Incarnate Word

Dulac, Clement: East Carolina University

Fridye, Tracy: US Naval Academy

Graviss, Daniel: University of Missouri, 2016

Groome, Kirsten: Southern Illinois University, 2012

Groome, Eegan: University of Missouri, 2015

Hammervold, Christina: University of North Texas, 2008 

Hammervold, Josh: Air Force Academy, 2011

Hepler, Melissa: Eastern Illinois University

Hickman, Tommy:Arizona State University, 2005

Hodges, Sydney: MIT, 2016

Hoffmann, Jake:University of Missouri, 2009

James, Ursula: Southwestern University

Jensen, Andrew: Notre Dame, 2016

Jensen, Joe: Case Western, 2017

Kalmbach, Chris: Centenary College

Krueger, Kyle: Harvard University, 2014

Lassiter, Lauren: Centennary College, 2012

Landeck, Romy: Texas A&M

Landeck, Vivian: Northern Arizona University, 2011

Layne, Katie: West Virginia University, 2014

Littlefield, Ryan: University of Pennsylvania, 2013

Locus, Madeline: University of Georgia, 2015

Lord, Colleen: Villanova University, 2017

Kontrimas, Kristina: Ohio State University, 2014

Marc, Antoine: Texas A&M, 2016

Michal, Kristen: Gardner Webb, 2013

Miller, Sarah: Trinity University, 2015

Myerson, Connor: University of Incarnate Word, 2016

Neal, Dalton: UT Permier Basin, 2013

O'Brien, Laura: Randolph Macon University

Pesek, Britney: Texas A&M, 2007  

Pinfold, Brett: University of Wisconsin, 2017

Preston, Grace: St. Louis University

Quattlebaum, Delaney - University of Nevada

Rodriquez, Jessica: University of North Texas, 2015

Smith, Skyler: University of Texas, 2015

Sparacino, Shelby: University of Houston

Sullivan, Tara:Texas Christian University, 2007

Sullivan, Christopher: Centenary, 2013

Tinney, Kevin: Missouri State Univeristy

Vaiana, Nicole:University of Houston, 2008

Weber, Delia: Liberty University

Wescott, Logan:Ohio State University, 2005

Wolterman, Christina: Centenary College, 2015

Yeager, Erin: University of Texas, 2016

Yu, Kyle: Pennsylvania, 2016