KATY Aquatics Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

My child is interested in swimming competitively year-round. What are our first steps?

To determine the best group placement, your child will need to attend an in-water evaluation before you register for team. We will have competitive team tryouts throughout the year.  Please contact the office at for the exact dates of current team tryouts, or if you have any questions. When tryouts are available for registration, they will be posted in the "Events" box of our Home Page.


How much does it cost to become a member?

There is an annual KATY Aquatics registration fee of $165 per swimmer and an annual USA Swimming registration fee of $88 per swimmer. Monthly fees depend on group placement, please click here to see group rates.

The $165 KATY Aquatics registration fee is used for club operations, three (3) team t-shirts, and three (3) latex swim caps with the team logo.

The $88 USA Swimming registration fee is used to provide insurance for swimmers and allow swimmers to be members of USA Swimming so that they may swim in swim meets.


What else is required of team members?

Service Hours: All families are required to complete 15 service hours annually (per swim season). Please click here for examples of often available volunteer positions that are available for service hours.

Swim-A-Thon: Each year KATY Aquatics hosts a mandatory Swim-A-Thon Fundraiser where all families are required to raise a minimum amount of $125. If your family is swimming during the month prior and the month of Swim-A-Thon, your family is responsible for raising the minimum $125. In the case that the family minimum is not met, the balance will be applied to the family’s KA account. The Swim-A-Thon Fundraiser will be held in the Spring.

For more information please click here to view our policies and procedures.


How do I withdraw my child?

A swimmer may withdraw their KATY membership at any time upon written notice. The written notice must be submitted to our Billing Department via email to prior to the 20th of the previous month.  A confirmation email will be sent acknowledging receipt of the request and to let you know of any outstanding balances that you may have on your account, including any unfulfilled service hours.


My child swims in SwimAmerica, how can they join competitive?

To determine the best group placement, your child will need to attend an in-water evaluation before you register for team. We will have competitive team tryouts throughout the year.  Please contact the office at for the exact dates of current team tryouts, or if you have any questions. When tryouts are available for registration, they will be posted in the "Events" box of our Home Page.



Questions about Practice


Are parents allowed on deck?

Parents and siblings are not allowed on the pool deck at any time.  This is to insure the safety of our swimmers while they are in the pool. Parents are welcome to watch their swimmers from the bleachers or their assigned area.


Are parents allowed to watch practice?

Yes, parents are a big part of the each swimmer’s development. However, it is very important that you only observe your swimmer during practice. We want to limit parent interaction during practice, so that the coaching staff is able to keep full attention on the swimmers. We ask that all parents and siblings sit in a designated area provided by your coach.


What would be the best time for me to speak with my swimmers coach?

The best way to get in contact with your swimmer’s coach would be to send the coach an email. If you need to speak to the coach in person, please send the coach an email so you are able to set up a conference.


When should my swimmer arrive for practice?

It is a good idea to arrive at least 15 minutes before practice. This is to ensure your swimmer has plenty of time to get their equipment set up before practice begins. Posted practice times are dive in times, not arrival times. The coaching staff will be at the pool 15 minutes prior to each practice. Swimmers should not be dropped off any earlier without first talking to a coach.


What if I arrive late?

If you arrive late, please have your swimmer ready to swim as soon as possible. Once your swimmer is ready, send them to his or her coach for instructions.


What do I need to do if I have to leave early?

We highly encourage swimmers to stay for the entire practice; however, we understand that this is not always possible. If you leave practice early please, let the coach know before the start of practice. This way, we are able to account for every swimmer arriving and departing.


If I miss a class, can I come to another group for a make up?

If a practice is missed for any reason, other than KATY Aquatics notice, have your swimmer come to their next scheduled class. Swimmers are not allowed to attend a different group to make up missed classes.


What does my swimmer need to bring to practice?

Each group has an equipment list that can be viewed by clicking here. All swimmers are required to have all of their equipment at each practice.


Can I change practice times and/or locations?

Yes, you may change practice times and/or locations by emailing


Can I take pictures or record my swimmer during practice?

No, we do not allow videotaping or pictures of swimmers during practice.


Can I time my child during practice?

No, we ask that all timing during practice is done only by the swimmers coach.


Questions about Meets

Where are meets held?

The majority of the meets are held in the Greater Houston area. There are a few meets offered outside our normal travel area.


How often are meets held?

On average, your swimmer will have one meet each month they are able to attend.


Do I have to attend every meet?

While we encourage all swimmers to attend swim meets, the number of meets recommended depends on the swimmer’s group. To see group descriptions, please click here.


How do I sign up for a meet?

To sign up for a swim meet you would first click on the 2017-2018 Swim Meets, either on the home page (grey box, top right hand side of the page) or under the Groups and Schedules Tab, there is a link for the 2017-2018 Swim Meets. This is a list of meets for all groups in our club. Under the column, Groups, will let you know if your child's group is invited to that particular meet or not. Click on the name of the swim meet you are trying to sign up for and in the upper right hand corner you will see a box that says ‘Attend/Decline’, please click here. Then you will select the swimmers name under ‘Member Name’. Next you will select either ‘Yes, please sign [Swimmer’s Name] up for this event’ or ‘No thanks, [Swimmer’s Name] will NOT attend this event.’ If you will need to leave the swim meet early, will not be able to attend a day of a multiple day meet, or have any other comments, please type them in the notes section.


How much does it cost to enter a meet?

The team hosting the swim meet sets the entry fee for their meets. These fees vary from $3.50- 5.00 per event. There is also a swimmer surcharge which averages $2.00 per child. If you are choosing to enter your swimmer on deck at the meet, the entry fees are double and must be paid at the swim meet.


Do I have to stay for the entire meet?

When signing up for a swim meets, there is a notes section that you may type a message in. In this box you may leave your coach notes about leaving early or only being able to attend one day of a multiple day meet. If you need to leave early, and did not leave a comment when signing up for the swim meet, please let your coach know as soon as you arrive.


How do I know if my swimmer is in a relay?

Please see your coach before the start of the meet.


Do I have to attend the swim meet warm up?

Yes, all swimmers must attend warm ups for every meet.


What swim suit do I wear?

All KATY Aquatics swimmers are required to wear either a team suit (solid black Speedo brand with or without the KATY Aquatics logo) or a coach approved Speedo brand technical suit and a KATY Aquatics swim cap at all swim meets.