Meet Information for New Swimmers

 Meet Information for New Swimmers: 
1. Wear your SPEEDO team suit.  a. Exceptions i. Athletes brand new to the team who are waiting on their suit order ii. Athletes who are, for some reason, unable to wear the team suit. A plain navy SPEEDO suit can be worn. 
2. Bring your goggles - 2 pairs in case one breaks. 
3. Bring your meet cap. a. If you do not have a meet cap, the coaching staff can provide you with one at practice or at the meet. 
4. Bring several towels. 
5. Bring a jacket or sweatshirt, extra pants, shirts, socks. a. Wear layers as the pool deck can be hot or cold. 
6. Wear your team sponsor shirt and/or PEAK shirt if you have one. 
7. Bring a book or a personal electronic device to use while waiting in-between events.  a. PEAK is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. 
8. Bring a reusable water bottle. 
9. Bring healthy snacks. a. Healthy examples include: fruit, nuts, granola b. Please do not bring junk food such as chips, donuts, candy or cookies 
10. For our beginning swimmers, it may helpful to write events on their arm using a sharpie prior to a meet to assist them in getting to the correct event, heat, and lane. Once athletes understand the meet process, athletes should plan on remembering their heat/lane without writing on themselves. 
11. Make sure your swimmer gets a good night’s sleep and eats a healthy dinner and breakfast. a. Suggestions of things to eat are on our website – log in to the site first and then hover of the Info tab. Click on Nutrition. 
12. If space is available inside, athletes should plan to sit with their teammates. 
13. Please have your swimmer check in with their coach before and after each event.  This is a time for the coach to remind the swimmer what to focus on during the race and to reflect on their race performance a. The order of events for athletes after a race are: see your coach, warm down in the warm down pool and then speak with parents. Coaches feedback and taking care of their bodies should be the athlete’s first priority after a race.