Fall Bridge Program

 Bridge Program--Fall 2019 

The Bridge program is for swimmers who want to try being on a swim team and for families that want to explore how swim team works before making a full-commitment. The program begins in September and continues through December.  During this time swimmers will be placed with swim groups that match their ages and swim skills levels, train in a competitive environment, develop and strengthen their skills, and have to opportunity to participate in USA Swimming sanctioned meets.  At the end of December, swimmers will have the option to continue with the regular monthly-tuition team program, enroll in the Tech Fit program, or pursue other interests.


The program cost is $370/$420 (depending on age) for the 4-month term.  The team registration fee is $120 plus a $92 USA Swimming Membership.  During the Bridge session, no required family service hours or fundraising requirements are assessed.

Please visit this page in August 2020 for updates for Fall 2020 program.