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How do I get started?

What is LAPS?

Who can join LAPS?

When is LAPS?

What Day and Time Options do I have in LAPS?

How many days per week are recommended?

What if I have a SCHEDULE change or if I MISS one of my days?

How much does LAPS cost?

Is LAPS a Swim Team?

How do I sign my swimmer up for Swim Meets?


Safety Protocols

1. When you arrive, go to your designated entry to have your temperature taken by your coach. Proper social distancing is required before entering the building.

2. LAPS parents and carpool drivers: Like all groups swimming now, you will be asked to stay outside of the pool during the practices. You will be able to walk your swimmer up to the door, for sure; but, they are restricting the number of people inside the building for now. 

3. Swimmers will be spread out in the water. The coaches will have assigned lanes for each swimmer and we will swim with a maximum of 6 swimmers per lane (3 starting on each end). The swimmers will be required to keep their distance from each other while in the water.

4. No Dryland. For the time being, there will be no dryland during LAPS practice. We will revisit this later and hope to add dryland when safe

5. Wear your mask when entering AND leaving the facilities. Stingrays have their own masks and you may purchase one (or a couple) by emailing [email protected] We are requiring masks as we have families with high-risk households AND we share the public facilities with all ages and demographics. Training For Life includes caring for the physical and emotional well-being of others...even if we aren't particularly in high-risk groups.

6. Use of locker rooms restricted to "potty breaks" and not prolonged changing, especially after practice.  Please come to practice with your suit on, ready to go!


How Do I Get Started?

Evaluations are required before registering if you were not in the LAPS program previously.

To schedule an evaluation, please contact Coach Mark Keaveney at 770-325-7292, ext. 6 or [email protected]

Once you have completed your try out and been assigned to LAPS, you are ready to register for any &/or all future sessions!

REGISTER HERE for all sessions



Once you have registered into LAPS & chosen your days, you are all set to come to practice!

The Information Packet below has other great info to review as well and will serve as a point of reference for any questions you may have during your time in LAPS. As such, please read through that & acquire your swimmer's required equipment from the included list prior to your swimmer's first day if at all possible. Thank you & Welcome to LAPS!

LAPS Information Packet: CLICK HERE​​


What is LAPS?

In LAPS, your child will receive a vigorous and athletic practice while getting some of the finest stroke technique and development in the Southeast. (Over 80 years of coaching on our Staff!) LAPS's central mission is to make professional swimming instruction, structure, and athletics accessible to most kids. We do this in 3 important ways:

1. We break the school year into approximate 6-week sessions. You are not committed to any more than the one that you are in.

2. This session approach allows for the freedom to do multiple activities without over-burdening the calendar or the checkbook. Play other sports? Great! You can create the schedule that can run concurrent with your sport OR participate in the off-season. Not sure how much you want to swim? No problem. The 6-weeks-at-a-time format makes trying it out very low risk. If you want more (and you will!), sign up for the next session and add more days.

3. Finally, your cost is determined by the number of days you select. There is no flat monthly rate that you will be locked into. If you want to swim 2x per week, you will pay less than if you want to swim 3x per week. Your commitment is your decision. As you get older and more context is developed, your coaches will guide you to the appropriate levels of commitment.

Who can join LAPS?

Any Elementary or Middle School swimmer who is
6 years old or older is welcome to try out for

We require a full length (25 yards) of legal Freestyle and legal Backstroke
as minimum skill requirements prior to joining the LAPS program.

Here are a few of the minimum requirements for each of the 2 strokes:

1. Both arms must alternately clear the water
2. The face remains in the water during strokes until the breath
3. Breathing must be done to the side without stopping
1. Both arms must be straight and alternately clear the water
2. The swimmer must be able to remain on back for the entire lap
3. The swimmer must be able to keep his face above the surface of the water.

If you are unsure of acceptable form, please see these beginner-level video examples:



* Must do for a full 25 yards without stopping.

If your swimmer is not ready yet, that is totally fine! We can refer you to a swim lessons instructor to help get them ready for the try out! 

Not sure if your swimmer is ready? Not a problem! We are happy to help! Sign up for a Try Out, and we be able to direct you to the best starting point for your swimmer then!

When is LAPS?


Session 1 = August 17 - September 26 (6 week session)

Session 2 = October 5 - November 7 (5-week session)

Session 3 = November 9 - December 19 (5 week session- No swim Thanksgiving week)

Session 4 = January 4 - February 13 (6 week session)

Session 5 = February 22 - April 3 (6 week session)

Session 6 = April 12 - May 22 (6 week session)

Summer ​Session  = TBA



2020 - 2021 WEEKLY SCHEDULE OPTIONS (Sessions 1 - 6):
( pick the days!)

Elementary School Middle School





Mon-Thurs: 3:30-4:15 pm
Friday: 4:15-5:00 pm
Saturday: 11:30 am-12:15 pm


Mon+Wed AM: 7:00-8:00 am

Friday: 5:00-6:00 pm

Saturday: 11:30 am-12:30 pm

Please Note: You CAN split pools at both MVAC and CCAC on certain days each week.
Indicate during Registration on the Schedule Form.

*based on maximum and minimum numbers per day.

**Splitting days at both pools during a session is allowed.
To do so: Please register as normal for MVAC pool & indicate this
desire on the Schedule Form as instructed there.


What if I Miss One of My Days?

*Read Below First & Purchase a Makeup Day:

(not available until Week 1 of each session)

Please refer to the *Scheduling Terms and Agreement* (which is agreed to during registration for each session) for information regarding missed days, refund policies, etc.

*2020 - 2021 Policies: CLICK HERE

As noted in the above policy agreement, we do not guarantee to make up days if you miss any of your reserved days. HOWEVER:

You are welcome to purchase a makeup day ($10 each) on the Make-Up Day Request Form to replace any of your missed days during the session as long as there is an opening AND the makeup occurs during the same session as the missed day.

The form is updated and available during Week 2 of each session (after most regular registrations are in and we know where there are openings). There will be NO Makeup Day options during Week 1 of any session. Thanks!

Need to SWITCH your chosen schedule for the rest of the session?

​If you need to switch your days for the rest of the schedule, please review the Schedule Policy above and in registration (as there is a deadline for doing so). If the session has NOT started yet, please email Coach Mark to request the switch: [email protected]

If you miss the deadline and the session HAS already started, you can still request the switch beginning the start of week 2 each session; however, it will incur the $25 switch fee. The ability to switch days is based on availability as well (can not switch into a day that is full).


Since LAPS allows for more sports and activities throughout the year and allows the participants to change their commitments without paying a fixed monthly fee, we recommend the following:

  1. That all participants select 2-3 days per week in their first session. This will ensure the most learning and retention so that future sessions, should the 1-day option be chosen, will not be periods of skill loss.
  2. We do not recommend the 1-day per week option until a few sessions of multiple-day participation have been done. For example, if one practice on a Monday and then does not revisit those drills and skills until a week later, then the opportunity for developing new habits is very minimal. However, 1-day per week options are very useful in maintaining already developed skills and learning.


2020-2021 MVAC LAPS Session Fees:
Each session has a $10 registration fee per student

(5-week session)

per Week
1 $96 $116
2 $136 $166
3 $166 $206
4 Not Offered $236

(6-week session)

per Week
1 $109 $139
2 $159 $199
3 $199 $249
4 Not Offered


Is LAPS part of the Stingrays Swim Team?

Yes! LAPS swimmers are Stingrays team members who are welcome to compete in swim meets IF they would like to and are participating in LAPS at the time of the meet; however, it is not required. The fees associated with swim meet participation are described below, but they are not applied to swimmers unless they choose to sign up for a swim meet (making the payment and participation optional).

Our LAPS program's flexibility allows swimmers to meet their goals whether that be to achieve recreation & fitness OR for competition & racing. We are here to cheer them on all along the way!

How do I Sign Up for Swim Meets?

If you wish to compete, please follow the below instructions:


Your LAPS swimmer can join any swim meet competitions that include his/her aged swimmers in which LAPS groups are eligible to swim (assuming they are participating in the current session of LAPS during which the swim meet occurs).

Scheduled Meets can be found on the "Events" tab on our home page

Click on the Meet Name to see Details, Service Requirements (defined HERE too), Meet Info packets, and Sign Up Registration Deadlines as they are updated.

To sign up for a desired meet, you will need to:

(1) Sign into your team account.
(2) Click the "Events" Tab.

(3) Click "Edit Commitment" for the desired meet.
(4) Indicate "YES" to participate / commit to the meet from the drop down bar.
(5) Write any specific meet day or race requests in the "NOTES" section.
(6) Click SAVE CHANGES, and you are done!

Meet Schedule / Events Page: CLICK HERE


1) USA Swimming Membership Fee - A USA Swimming FLEX membership is included with your LAPS registration fee. The FLEX membership allows your athlete to compete in TWO USA Swimming Sanctioned swim meets per year. If your athlete wants to enter more than two meets, they can upgrade to a FULL USA Swimming membership. The cost is $50 which we will invoice and charge your credit card on file.


This charge fee will be invoiced and charged to your credit on file BEFORE the meet.

2) Meet Fees for each specific Meet you sign up for - Each swim meet has INDIVIDUAL FEES related to participating in it. Please refer to the MEET INFO packet on each swim meet's web page in order to read about these fees. They typically run as a flat fee or as a PER RACE fee.

These meet fees will be invoiced and charged to your credit card on file the following the meet.


You will not enter your swimmer into specific races. The coaches will do that on or after the Meet Registration Deadline has passed. You can suggest race events that your swimmer would like to do in the "NOTES" section as mentioned above, and coaches will take those into consideration as they decide which races are the best for your swimmer at that swim meet.

Please note: If a swim meet has multiple days, you will be entered into ALL of the days UNLESS you indicate otherwise by stating your specified desired days in the "NOTES" section.


- SWIM MEET ATTIRE: All swimmers competing in swim meets will need either a STINGRAYS team suit OR a primarily black or navy SPEEDO brand swim suit. All swimmers with hair past their eyebrows are required to wear a STINGRAYS team cap (which can be asked for and received AT the swim meet - and will be charged with the meet fees in the online invoice AFTER the meet). Goggles are also required, but they can be YOUR choice. Lots of towels and warm clothes are also helpful as it can be chilly on the pool deck at times. Water bottles and snacks if the pool facility allows it will be important for re-fueling as the meet goes on. Lastly, wear your TEAM shirts to show your team spirit! We LOVE going to meets and cheering on our RAYS so wear that RAYS GEAR!

- VOLUNTEERING REQUIREMENTS FOR RAYS HOSTED MEETS: Be sure to sign up for a Volunteering job if the swim meet is hosted by Stingrays (found in Meet Info and Sign Up page).

- RACE ENTRIES: You will be able to check what races your swimmer was entered into by signing back into your account and returning to the page where you committed to the meet. More detailed race info will be in the Heat Sheet (see below).

- ARRIVAL TIME TO THE POOL FOR WARM UPS: Check the Warm Up Times for your swimmer's days and sessions (usually based on his/her age). Warm Ups are required and start promptly at the time listed. As such, you will want to plan accordingly to get your swimmer there on time (arriving about 15 - 30 minutes prior to the Warm Up Time listed is best).

- RACE DETAILS in HEAT SHEET: The Heat Sheet will be what tells your swimmer WHEN (Event # & Heat #) and WHERE (lane #) to swim each of his/her races. The Heat Sheet is usually for sale at the meets (In rare occasions, however, the Heat Sheet is provided online prior to the meet). Planning enough time to get to the pool to purchase your Heat Sheet and help write your swimmer's race info down for them is important (coaches do not do this for the swimmers at USA Swimming Meets as is commonly done at summer league swim meets).

- SWIMMERS and PARENTS DURING THE MEET: Swimmers are to see their Coach before AND after EVERY one of his/her races. They will need to watch the pool for what Event & Heat is swimming in the water in order to plan enough time to get to their coach and arrive to their lane prior to their race. Parents can help with this process as well as cheer from the stands as your swimmer competes (in addition to any volunteering duties for which you have signed up when appropriate). Being your swimmer's Fan Club & #1 Cheerleader is the best thing you can do as their parent.