Covid Rules/Guidelines


Rockdale County currently has the following rules for the building at Johnson Park:

1.  Masks are required for everybody.  A swimmer can take their mask off right before getting into the pool and must put it back on immediately after getting out.

2.  Every person coming into the building will have their temperature checked at the front desk.  The county determines the temperature acceptable for entrance.

As a general rule/guideline, please do not come to the pool if you are not feeling well in any way.  We want to be extra cautious to protect everybody.  We do reserve the right to send a swimmer home if they seem to not be feeling well, even if they do not currently have a fever.  We will always err on the side of caution.  Please help us with that by skipping practice if your swimmer or anybody in your family or immediate circle of family/friends is not feeling well or has been in contact with somebody that has covid. 

Currently the county does not have specific requirements about how many swimmers we can have in a lane.  The team guideline at this time will be to try to have no more than 4 swimmers in a lane at a given time.  We may adjust this up or down depending on conditions.

Thank you for helping us keep everybody safe!