Short/Long Course

What is Short Course and Long Course?

Very simply:
Short Course (SCY) Meets are in a 25 Yard pool (like our pool at Johnson Park).
Long Course (LCM) Meets are in a 50 Meter pool (like the Olympics).

The Rockdale Riptides is a USA Swimming Club Team.   The Short Course Meet Season for club teams like ours generally runs from September through March.  In addition, all High School and College Meets are run as Short Course Meets.  And locally, in the month of June, the neighborhood summer swimming season with the Rockdale Swim League takes place in 25 yard pools throughout Rockdale County.

The International Standard though is Long Course Meters.  The Olympics, Pan-American Games and World Championships are held in 50 meter pools.    In this country, many 50 meter pools are outdoors due to the cost of building an indoor 50 meter pool.  For that reason,  USA Swim Clubs usually swim the  long course season from April through August.  As more and more indoor 50 meter pools are being built and as the United States focuses more on international swimming, the distinction between the "short course season" and the "long course season" becomes less distinct and more and more meets are going to the long course standard throughout the year -- with the exception of high school and college swimming which will remain short course yards.

The Rockdale Riptides currently has a heavy focus on the Short Course season, but we are moving towards an equal focus on the Long Course season.

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