Group Equipment List



MEET SUIT is solid black – Practice suits are swimmers choice.

Swimmers must wear GREEN SCAT cap at meets.  These caps will be distributed at the first meet of the season.

Goggles – Several of our swimmers wear speedo and/or TYR – We do not endorse any particular brand.  We do however recommend a good quality pair that fits your swimmers face.  Average price runs $ 10-20.

 A great addition to goggles is a “bungee strap”.  This helps your swimmer easily adjust their strap and saves time fumbling with those little clips that come on most straps.  Bungee straps generally run $5-6.

Fins –  There are several brands, just be cautious not to get a scuba - diving fin.  These are too large.  Look for a  long fin with strong flexible rubber that will fit your swimmers foot.  If your swimmer is in between sizes, purchase the larger size as they can wear a pair of socks with their fins until their foot grows.  See team store for recommended fin.

Black competition suit – Please note a black suit is required for competition at meets.   Your swimmer may wear any color suit for practices.

Caps –  A Green SCAT cap will be issued to swimmers at their first meet. We ask that swimmers do not wear other team caps during meets or practice.

Kickboards –  some swimmers still opt to purchase their own boards.

Snorkel – some swimmers find a nose plug is also helpful when using this item.

Mesh bags –We cannot store equipment on the deck, so all swimmers must bring their equipment each day.   Some swimmers have the “bag”, others prefer a backpack.  Either one works fine.

Backpacks – not required, but a great piece to own for travel to and from meets.  

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