Training Levels & Fees

Our club is a USA year round competitive swim team offering high quality professional coaching and technique instruction for all ages and abilities. The goal of our team is to provide every member an opportunity to improve swimming skills and achieve success at his or her level of ability, from novice to international competitor.

All of our coaches, as members of the American Swim Coaches Association and USA Swimming have access to the most comprehensive training and certification program for youth coaches of any sport in the United States. They provide assurances that the time children spend in swimming will be quality time.

We are constantly growing and training young swimmers to maintain a well-rounded competitive swim team. Please see the list below for our different training groups, times and prices.


SCAT is a USA Swimming year-round competition swim team.  We also offer developmental programs for swimmers interested in competitive swimming.  Requirements for each level have been carefully considered to best suit the needs of all swimmers.  Coaches will have final say in Swim Level placement. 

Our programs for younger and/or less experienced swimmers include our Seasonal sessions during the calendar school year and the recreation Pirates swim team in the summer.  Those swimmers who continue in our program demonstrate a level of ability, commitment, and maturity that lead them toward success.   Due to space and time constraints (we share a pool with the community and 5 high school teams), we carefully place our swimmers in appropriate training groups and have limited space within each group.

Kedron Aquatic Center, offers swim lessons for younger and/or less experienced swimmers.  We encourage you to contact their Aquatics Office at 770-631-2525.


How Do I Join?  
SCAT has 3 "entry" points for competitive swimming.  
Choose the spot that suits your swimmer best!
1. SCAT Year Round Swimming - Online Registration opens July 15th / Season starts Aug 14th
2. Seasonal (School season) - Online Registrations open Aug 1st / 1st session starts Aug 14th
3. Pirates (Summer Recreation Team) - Online Registration opens May 1st / Season starts May 29th




Our year round program is our USA Swimming competitive program.  This is the next level after our Seasonal and Pirates Summer Recreation program.  Our year round program runs from Aug 1 - July 31st.


 SCAT year round dues are based on costs assuming your swimmer is participating for a 12 month period.  Rather than paying all 12 months, we bill for only 10 months during the fiscal year.  Invoices and payments are handled electronically through Team Unify.  Training Fees are due on the first day of each month. 

Year-round swimmers will be assessed an Annual SCAT Club Fee of $150 in August of each year.  This fee is applied toward your swimmers USA Swimming fees, administrative costs and an annual t-shirt and cap. Swimmers joining after current year start (after Aug 1st) will be charged a pro-rated annual fee (after Feb 1st)  and will receive one (1) team swim cap only.  Additional t-shirts and caps may be available for purchase.

 Monthly swim fees do not include swim meet fees & expenses. 

All dues and meet fees are paid on the 1st of each month.  There will be a $15 late fee for fees not paid by the 15th.

Bronze  $149/month

Silver  $169/month

Gold  $240/month

Senior  $251/month

National Development $282/month

National  $310/month



15 DAYS NOTICE – Swimmers must email Denise Sturman ( 15 Fifteen days prior to leaving the team so that all financial obligations can be completed. At this time all monthly and meet fees must be paid in full.


There will be a minimum of $5 surcharge to all meets.  These surcharges help cover coaches’ expenses (gas, food, motel, etc.) along with the cost of caps and other incentives used for meets. The surcharge amount is based on: length of meet, distance to meet, number of swimmers attending etc.

Meet fees must be paid regardless of attendance at the meet. NO EXCEPTIONS for any reason. Once a swimmer has signed up for a meet, SCAT has sent payment to the host team.


All Accounts will be assessed a $50 Volunteer Fee in the month of November, December and January for a total of $150 per year per family.  The best way to offset these fees are by volunteering to be a timer, stroke & turn judge (certification required) or official at any of our SCAT hosted meets at Georgia Tech.  SCAT offers a $50 credit for each session worked at a meet.  If two family members work, both will be credited for the session.


Swim fees will not be pro-rated for absences or vacations.  No fees will be refunded for missing practices, unless due to injury, in which a physician’s note is to be provided. Southern Crescent Aquatic Team is a year round team and fees are not pro-rated during holidays or for canceled practice sessions over which we have no control. Fees are paid monthly but are not reflective of that month’s practices.

Family Discounts will be applied for multiple swimmers within a family.  

BRONZE   $149    Age 7 - 10 

Monday - Thursday   3:15 – 4:00  pm  

Introductory level to year round swimming.  Perfect transition for elementary school age swimmers coming from Summer League swimming or Seasonal.

Swimmers are encouraged to attend minimum 2-3 practices per week.

Equipment: Mesh Bag, Long FlexibleTraining Fins, Water Bottle, Appropriate Dry-land Clothes and Shoes       


SILVER   $169    Age 11-13

Monday - Thursday   4:00 - 5:00 pm   Dryland 5:05 - 5:25pm

​            Saturday 9:30 - 11:30 am  * 

Motivated young swimmers who are ready to learn more advanced stroke technique, begin their competitive career and build their aerobic base.  Great for swimmers coming from Summer League, Bronze and/or Seasonal swimming.  Swimmers are encouraged to attend minimum of 3 of the 5 practices per week.

Equipment: Mesh Bag, Water Bottle, Cap, goggles, suit of your choice, long flexible fins, snorkel, Appropriate Dry-land Clothes and Shoes


GOLD  $240             Age 11-14

Monday - Thursday   4:30 - 6:00pm   Dryland 6:05 - 6:30pm

​            Saturday 9:30 - 11:30 am  

Committed and motivated advanced swimmers, at a similar level of commitment and dedication as our Nat Dev group but for middle school age swimmers.  Great for swimmers that have been promoted from our Silver group or swimmers transferring from other teams competing at the State level.  Swimmers in this group understand that missed practices in this group will not allow them to reach their goals.

Equipment: Mesh Bag, Water Bottle, Cap, goggles, suit of your choice, long flexible fins, snorkel, hand paddles  Appropriate Dry-land Clothes and Shoes

SENIOR   $251           13 & Over (High School)

            Mon – Thur 5:30 – 7:15 pm

            Sat  7:00 – 9:30   plus Go Performance x 2 days, Saturday

The Senior Group consists of predominantly 13 and older swimmers who have the ability, desire and commitment to continue developing their competitive swimming career with SCAT.  Many swimmers in this group swim concurrently with their high school swim teams. Practice will include challenging workouts designed to help our Senior athletes to qualify for the Georgia State Championship and Divisional. 

Training with this group will provide swimmers with the additional training needed for the high school swimmer to be competitive in both the USA Swimming and Georgia High School programs.  Swimmers are encouraged to attend minimum of 3 of the 5 practices per week.

Equipment: Mesh Bag, Water Bottle, Cap, goggles, suit of your choice, long flexible fins, snorkel, hand paddles  Appropriate Dry-land Clothes and Shoes


NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT  $282              Ages 13&Over        

Minimum Participation Expectation: 90%

Mon – Thur 4:30 – 7:15pm

Sat 7:00 – 9:30 am   Go Performance Tu/Th 5:30 – 6:30 am   Sat  10-11am

National Development is the group for swimmers 13 and over who express an interest in competing on the SCAT National Team. Swimmers must show a high level of commitment to a rigorous practice and competition schedule. Placement in this group is by coach’s approval. 

Swimmers in this group are introduced to a more intense aerobic and anaerobic training than they experienced in the Age Group program. Additional stroke development and refinement is incorporated into the training. National Development swimmers must be willing to work hard during practice and they must compete in all meets. 


               Ability to swim all four competitive strokes;

               Ability to swim 10 x 100 on 1:20 or 1:25;

               Ability to kick 10 x 50 on 1:00;

Equipment: Water Bottle, Cap, goggles, suit of your choice, Shoes for pool, snorkel, paddles, TYR Sport EBP Burner fins, buoy, kickboard, yellow parachute


Minimum Participation Expectation: 95% 

Mon – Thur 4:00 – 7:15pm  Friday – 4-6pm

Sat 7:00 – 9:30 am   Go Performance Tu/Th 5:30 – 6:30 am   Sat  10-11am 

This is the highest-level competitive group that SCAT offers. It is for swimmers 14 and over who wish to participate in Sectionals, National and potentially International competitions with strong emphasis on USA Junior Nationals and Nationals. We also work to qualify as many swimmers as possible to be USA Scholastic All-Americans in the classroom. There is also a strong emphasis on community service as well as giving back to and being leaders of SCAT.

Swimming in college is another main objective of swimmers in the SCAT National Group and assistance with the recruiting process is offered to all group members.

This high intensity/ high reward group trains 6 pool practices a week, 3 structured strength programs per week (Go Performance).  Placement in this group is by coach’s approval.

Equipment: Water Bottle, Cap, goggles, suit of your choice, Shoes for pool, snorkel, paddles, TYR Sport EBP Burner fins, buoy, kickboard, yellow parachute 



Seasonal - Intro/Foundation to Swim Team    
Offered during school year only

  • Must be at least five (5) years old and exhibit maturity level to insure safety in and around the water
  • Must be able to swim a minimum of 25 yards on top of the water, any stroke – unassisted
  • This does not include competitive meets. 
  • Note:  Practices will be held in deep water diving well
  • Registration available online  Click HERE



Pirates Summer Recreation Team
Offered during summer only

  • Must be at least six (6) years old and exhibit maturity level to insure safety in and around the water, to listen attentively and follow instructions, and exhibit ability to communicate directly with coach
  • Must be able to swim a minimum of 50 yards freestyle
  • Must have basic technique knowledge of freestyle (front crawl) and backstroke, and a desire to learn basic understanding of breaststroke and butterfly
  • Meets are offered weekly during the month of June
  • Registration available online starting May 1st, 2018


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