Swim Team Practice Protocol

Swim Team Practice Protocol: 

Q: Does the Coach decide which group the swimmer will be placed? 
        A: Yes. 
Q: When and where are practices for my child? 
        A: Practices are held at Ness Natatorium. Check the "Group Calendar" tab for scheduled practice times. 
Q: How do I know what training equipment my child needs? 
        A: Coaches will inform swimmers which equipment is required.  All swimmers (if wearing a swim cap) MUST wear the ALAC logo cap. We do this so ALL swimmers become part of a team and not remain an individual. If you are new, 
there is a grace period. Team caps are also required at all meets. Swim caps can be 
purchased in the lobby of Ness Natatorium. 
Q: May I stay at the pool and watch my child’s lesson? 
A: ABSOLUTELY YES!!!!  ALAC believes a strong parent support structure equates to a strong swimmer.  More importantly, allowing parents to sit and observe in the stadium is what sets the ALAC program apart from the rest.  No closed practices most swim families are accustom to experiencing.  Due to insurance 
regulations, parents are not allowed on the pool deck, but ALAC seating allows parents to hear the instruction their swimmer is receiving real time.

Q: May I leave my child at the pool unattended? 
       A: NO, if your swimmer is in the Beginner Learn to Swim Program or the Intermediate Program 
please do not leave your child at the pool unattended. We are not responsible for your 
child once the practice is over, and need you present in case of any emergencies. 

Q. May I join ALAC if I'm already swimming for my high school and/or neighborhood summer league team? 
A. Absolutely. The high school and summer league seasons are too short for those that love 
to swim. Our more advanced programs always have high school swimmers who train with 
us as well as their school during the year.