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Monthly Dues


2018-2019 Registration fees:

Annual Registration fee is $150 for 1 swimmer, $300 for 2 swimmers, $390 for 3 swimmers, $480 for 4 swimmers and $570 for 5 swimmers. This includes all USA swimming/Gulf fees.


2018-2019 Monthly dues rates:

Tidalwave                  $125.00
White $135.00                  
Orange $145.00
Blue $155.00
Silver $165.00
State  $175.00
Senior $155.00
National $200.00

Family multi-swimmer discount: $15.00/month for 2nd swimmer, $25.00/month for 3rd swimmer, and $40.00/month for 4th swimmer. 

All swimmers can drop from the team at any time during the year, provided proper notice is given to the Registrar.  You must submit your written notification via email to Blue Tide Registrar.  Your notification will only be valid if you receive e-mail acknowledgement of your request by the third calendar day from the end of the month (e.g. 28th in a 31 day month; 27th in a 30 day month; and 25th in a 28 day month).  EMAIL IS THE REQUIRED METHOD.  If your swimmer drops and rejoins during thee same year you must pay a $50 reinstatement fee. You may do this as many times as you like provided there is still room in the group you were swimming.