Vol Job Descriptions


All volunteers must sign in at the ESA Volunteer Table before reporting to their job.





Announcer Athletic Hallway, Outside

Announces events in the water; warm-up schedules, etc

Shelley Conroy


Athletic Hallway by the Performing Arts Center

Place labels on ribbons/medals; Distribute awards

Jennifer Morin


Meet on pool deck 30 minutes prior to end of meet

Break-down and clean up pool deck, hallway, gym

Vanessa Hyak


Athletic Hallway by Competition Gym

Prepare and serve concession items; Collect payment; Make change as needed

Shelley Conroy


Outside by main entrance to athletic hallway

Set up the grill; grill food for concessions sales; clean and put away grill

Shelley Conroy

Head Timer

Starting end of pool

Provides additional stopwatches and backup for timers with a start/stop error.  Must be an experienced timer.

Shelley Conroy

Heat Sheet Sales

Athletic Hallway next to Concessions

Sell Meet Programs; Make change as needed; Responsible for money

Shelley Conroy

Lane Helper

Scoreboard end of pool at assigned lane

Using a lane heat sheet, ensure swimmers are in the correct lane and heat order

Shelley Conroy

Results Runner

Computer Platform

Take printed results sheets and tape them on the wall near the Awards area; Take results labels to the Awards table

Computer Platform

Safety Monitor

Pool Deck - At an assigned location per the Safety Marshall

Monitor crowd control in the bleachers; Control access to the pool deck

Shelley Conroy

Linda Adair

Jenn Heckman


Meet on pool deck.  Set-up is typically the evening before meet

Set up the deck, hallway, and gym for meet

Kendra Hudson


Starting end of the pool at the assigned lane

Time the race using a stopwatch;  Record time on timing sheet.

Kym Melvin

Timer Runner

Computer Platform

Distribute timer sheets to timers/lanes; Collect timer sheets and return to the platform

Computer Platform