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Thank you to everyone who participated in the Sponsorship Challenge!  ESA surpassed their sponsorship goal this year so all swimmers will receive an ice cream treat!  And, Congratulations to Age Group 2 for winning this year's pizza party!


Our annual Business Sponsorship Challenge is underway!

ESA's goal for this year is to bring in $10,000 in business sponsorships!  Families can help our team reach this goal by participating in our friendly competition amongst all of our swim groups.  Each swim group will be assigned a group monetary goal. Swimmers can chart their group's progress and see other groups' progress by checking back here or on the posters at the pools over the next few weeks. 

Now here's the exciting part...

  • The group that brings in the highest dollar amount in business sponsorships will win a pizza party!
  • Every group that reaches their group's goal will receive ice cream treats!


Hurry...the challenge ends October 10th  So that logos & banners can be ready for the meets, sponsorships must be received by October 10th.

Parents - here's an added bonus:  For every $250 worth of business sponsors you bring in, you will be awarded 1 volunteer credit!

Please click here if you have any questions about business sponsorships or the sponsorship challenge.  

Thank you for helping to support ESA!