Monthly Dues & Fees

Dues Structure - 2017-2018 Season:

ESA Team Registration: 1st Swimmer $97, Two Swimmers $160, Three or more swimmers $185.

USA Swimming Registration: $88 per swimmer.

Monthly Dues:

  • Developmental :  $120 per month
  • Age Group-1: $145 per month
  • Age Group-2: $155 per month
  • Age Group-3: $175 per month
  • Age Group-4: $175 per month
  • Junior: $185 per month
  • Senior: $195 per month

There is a $10 discount on monthly dues for a second swimmer.  

The maximum monthly dues will be $400 per family (for three swimmers) and $450 per family (for four swimmers) for monthly dues.

Members are allowed to temporarily suspend their accounts, however upon reentry to the team, must re-activate their account with the team (including payment of ESA registration fees).   To suspend or cancel your account notification must be sent by email on or before the 20th of the previous month.

Members swimming in the summer will not be allowed to suspend their accounts for the month of August. (We must still pay our bills).


Meet Fees:

Meet fees consist of fees per event listed on the meet invitation and a one time fee of $5 per swimmer for away meets.  A travel fee of $25 per family will be charged for meets requiring travel outside of LSC (ie: Mardi Gras, Greater Southwest, Texas A&M, University of Texas, etc). 

Money cannot be a factor for not swimming on ESA. If this is a concern, please contact David Pink at coachpink@eagleswimmingassociation.com