Ambush Partners

Ambush Families,

      You can pay various charges, monthly dues, registrations, etc... from our PayPal button below. You do not need your own PayPal account to run a payment; any credit or debit card will work. Over payments will be applied to your balance and will reduce your following month's dues. Payments will not show on your Ambush account immediately and may take several days for your balance to be adjusted. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Team Administration [email protected]


Ambush Programs & Costs:
Ambush Swim School (Lessons) $40
Outreach Members $55
Development Group $65
Summer League Practices (Mornings; June & July) $55
Intermediate Group $70
Junior Group $80
Senior Group $90
High Performance $100
Multi-Sport (Adults) $60
East Texas Summer League Registration $50
USA Swimming Seasonal Registration (150 days) $40
USA Swimming Year-Round Registration $100