Meet Terms


USS- United States Swimming – National governing body

GULF– is the LSC (Local Swimming Committee) or regional body. Most of SE Texas is in the GULF. The GULF is also part of the Southern Zone which extends from Texas to the East coast.

FINS – Our team code or sometime shown as FINS-GU


Short Course –Meets in pools that are 25 Yards or 25 Meters

Long Course –Meets in Olympic sized 50 Meter Pools


SCY or Y–Used to describe a time swam in Short Course Yards (34.57Y)

LCM orL – Long Course Meters (39.14L)

SCM or S– Short Course Meters (38.37S) – Very rarely used.


Qualification Time – A minimum time the swimmer has to have for a certain event. If the Qualification time is 35.87 seconds, the swimmer must have swam that time or faster to compete.

Cut-off Time– A time that a swimmer must be less than to swim an event. If they have swam that time or faster, they cannot swim it.

AB Age Group Motivational Time Standards – Nationally recognized standards for various age groups. Standards are referred to by letters like B, BB, A, AA, etc. For a full list visit the following link:



8 and Under Open Meet – Open to any swimmer 8 years and Under. (Also written 8&U)

9-14 Junior Meet –For Ages 9-14 with 2 or fewer A Standards (AB Motivational) in any event. If they have 2 or fewer A times, the can compete in any event at this meet.

9-14 Elite Meet– For Ages 9-14 that have 3 or more A Standard times.

Senior Meets– Open to any swimmer 15 and up and for swimmer 14 and Under that have an AA Standard.

Championship Meets –Special meets throughout the year where swimmers usually qualify on an event by event basis depending on qualification or cut-off times. The meets pertain to the GULF, the state of Texas or at a regional or national level. 

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