Signing up for Swim Meets

Signing Up for a Swim Meet

For swimmers who are ready to participate in meets, here are some guidelines for signing up for your first swim meet.

  • Check the Meet Schedule on the COOG Website to review the meets that are offered throughout the season
  • Determine which meets you are interested in attending and email or call your coach with any questions about the meets you have chosen.  There will be possibilities to attend several out of town meets and host local meets as well. 
  • To sign up for a swim meet, start by logging into your account on the COOG website.  Go to the Meets-Events pages, and then simply click on the “Edit Commitment” button next to the meet you want to attend.  If there is no button, registration for that meet has not yet begun.  This brings you to the meet page.  Select “yes, my swimmer will attend”.  You will then see a list of events that your coach will pick for the swimmer.

At a multiple-day meet, do you need to swim each day?  Some swim meets run over multiple days.  If you are unable to attend the entire meet, you can indicate in the comments section that you can only attend certain days.  Make sure to put a note in the comments section reminding your coach that you will only be attending certain days.  Otherwise, your swimmer may be placed in events on a day they cannot attend.