"Should Have Done It Sooner"
       Our only regret in joining COOG Aquatics is that we didn’t make the move much sooner. The program is run by a group of caring, well educated, coaching professionals. These men and women are making decisions in the best interest of their swimmers based on years of personal swimming experiences and successes. All are accomplished swimmers in their own right. The basis of their program is not from a book or another coach’s way of doing things. They tailor their practices and coaching to meet the needs of the individual swimmer. COOG welcomes all swimmers regardless of their abilities and assists each swimmer in personal goal setting. At COOG it is about the swimmer and not the coach or program.

Coaches at COOG make it clear that they are providing a program whose success is based on the happiness of the whole child and their family. They realize that in order for a child to be successful in swimming, as well as life takes balance. They see children as more than just swimmers. They encourage swimmers to look to the future beyond swimming and competition. They want swimming success to lead to life long success.

These coaches love what they do as is evidenced by the positive approach they bring to the pool deck. They see the potential that exists in each and every child entrusted to them. It is wonderful to see kids working harder than they thought possible and smiling and having fun doing it. It is not mindless yardage but purposeful swim training that happens at both Houston and Friendswood locations. Our time with COOG has been positive, positive, positive! A special thanks to coaches Greg and Jim for your understanding, flexibility, and the positive impact you have had on my son.
Rick Wallace
Current National Group Parent


       "We have had such a positive experience with Houston Coog. The coaches are professional, nurturing, and fun loving. They have offered her individual guidance, boosted her confidence, and encouraged her to take some risks and try some new things. She looks forward to going to practice and appreciates the team spirit exhibited by all the swimmer, parents, and staff. We are so grateful for the personal attention and dedication of everyone and can't say enough about what a wonderful program they have established."
Current Parent
Sue Moore

       "Our family joined Houston Cougar Aquatic Sports (Coog) in September 2010. We must say this was one of the best decisions we have made. We were transferring from another team for multiple reasons. This was a big decision for us because the commute was going to be further; however, once we met the coaches and saw their style we were hooked! During tryouts we had to warn the coaches that our 10 y/o daughter was suffering from a swimming shoulder injury. Coog Coach Lorin was amazing during tryouts! After he watched our daughter in the water he brought her up on deck and showed her the “modified freestyle stroke” as well as explaining it to us as parents! He had her do the modified stroke for quite some time during practices, eliminated her from doing fly because of shoulder pain, and to our amazement Coach Lorin and Coach Greg suspected the correct diagnosed before we saw the orthopedic doctor! It’s called personal experience with swimming and coaching! Coach Lorin has been such a blessing to our daughter’s physical and mental rehabilitation! He’s such a technical minded coach he has changed so many bad habits our daughter had developed over the years and continues to tweak more and more things every day. He uses memory sheets with each of his swimmers. Memory sheets have their individualized goals written on them as a reminder of the things he has observed that they need to improve upon. Occasionally, he’ll hop in the water with them and demonstrate things, as he still competes as a master swimmer. What a great mentor!

We also have a son who swims for Coach Amanda. She has also been a great motivator for him. She has introduced him to goal sheets as well, but more importantly she will break them into groups and have them focus on specific things that they need to work on. She is so patient in trying to explain things. For example, when she saw that our son was really trying to do what she wanted but he just couldn’t fine tune a drill she pulled out a video camera, recorded him, and then hit instant replay—wow, that was a huge break through for him! Creative & enthusiasm coaching is a must! Amanda too will occasionally hop in the water with her group and demonstrate things. It is huge for the kids to see that their coaches can also do what they are asking of their swimmers.

We could go on and on bragging about these coaches, even Coach Greg and Coach Jim who will cover our kids groups occasionally, every one of them have different styles, different specialties but most importantly they have two things in common, the love of swimming and the love for kids! "
Lee Ann Clark
Current Junior and Age group parent

"Best Decision We Made"
       "Our son had been swimming with another program for a number of years. Unbelievably, his skills deteriorated from age 7 to 9. He lost interest and swimming was not fun anymore. Rather than quit, we tried Houston Cougar Aquatic Sports. This was the best decision I've made in a long time. After the first practice, he was very happy. The coaches actually doubled his workout time and distance (in the first practice). What he enjoys are the other kids and the attitude that the coaches bring to practice. He's now been swimming with the team for seven months and couldn't be happier. The practice environment created by the coaches is the reason. The swimming is serious fun at Houston Cougar Aquatic Sports. Nothing is better than a happy, healthy, athletic child."
Rich Wakeland
Current Age Group Parent

"I love the COOG"
       "Our family joined Houston Cougar Aquatic Sports (COOG) in July 2007. It was further for us to drive than our previous team but we thought it would be worth it for great coaching. We are extremely impressed with every aspect of this organization. The coaches are truly amazing. They are experienced, accomplished and exceptional with children at all levels and ages. Never before had a coach got in the water with our children and demonstrated a technique. Never before had a coach sat down and created individual goals with my child. Before an important meet, the coach wrote him a letter about how much she believed in him and how he should believe in himself. He carried that letter around for three weeks and set all kinds of personal records and qualifying times in the next meet.

       Our COOG coach is also a mentor to my children. She is a fantastic role model for them to follow as they grow through their swimming years. She cares about them and they adore her. They always want to bring Coach Amanda a treat or a special thought of some kind. COOG was a fantastic choice for our family. The families of the team are wonderful and we all support each other.

       We have had an amazing year of swimming with COOG. Our children have accomplished fantastic goals-more than they ever dreamed a year ago. I truly believe that it is due to the wonderful coaches, supportive families and generally wonderful atmosphere of this team. My children love swimming-more than ever before and they are accomplishing goals at the highest level. They have very close friendships with fellow teammates-friendships that will probably last a lifetime. The best thing any parent of a swimmer could do for their children is to bring them to COOG. It is the perfect team…and the drive isn’t bad at all! GO COOG!"
Shannan Murray
Current Junior Group Parent

"Very Impressed"
       "We are new to the world of swimming this year and have been very impressed with the coaching of our son, Evan. The coaching staff has been so amazing, I really appreciate their coaching styles. It is noticeable at swim meets just how lucky we are to have them. Their positive style takes our team so much further and the response from the kids is unbelievable. Positive, positive, positive, that could be our team motto.

       Our son Evan knew basic swimming skills but really had no technique even though he had swimming lessons. He loves being in the water and wanted to join a swim team. It was important to us to find a team what he could grow with and have a fun time since he is only 6. He has a competitive nature and loves sports so we were pleased that he chose swimming over other sports as it offers both individual and team growth. With the COOG we have that. I believe that his love of swimming will continue to grow because of the COOG family environment.

       Evan's swimming has definitely improved over the past few months and he is starting to set goals for himself. I was impressed at how quickly he and others have picked up the different strokes by the training, presentation, and reinforcement methods used. Practices are in a fun, caring, and learning environment. All of the kids get one-on-one time with the coaches making it a very personal experience. Mentoring and assisting each other is encouraged. I highly recommend joining our team!"
Connie Sokolov
Current Age Group Parent