Learn to Swim FAQ


Learn to Swim FAQs

All Swimmers must be potty trained; no pull-ups or swim diapers will be allowed.


Group Swim Lesson Sessions:

Our group Lessons, start at age 4, are a 4 swimmer to 1 coach ratio.  Each session is 2 weeks, with lessons Monday - Thursday for 30 minutes. 


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The James W. Hardin Swim Center is located at Temple High School, 400 North 23rd Street, Temple, TX 76504.


What to Wear

·        Swimmers must be potty trained, no swim diapers, pull-up or disposable diapers are allowed.

·        Swimmers should wear a swimsuit and goggles that do not cover the nose.

·        No swim shoes. Swimmers must be barefoot when they enter the water.

·        Swim shirts are ok but must be intended for swimming, lightweight and close fitting


What to Bring

·        Goggles that do not cover the nose, Swimsuit, Towel.  Non-slip sandals or shoes should be worn before and after lessons.

·        Please do not bring pool toys to the lesson. We will provide all equipment necessary for the lesson. 


When to Arrive

·        It is recommended that you arrive between 5-10 minutes before the lesson start time.

·        It is always a good idea to have swimmers dressed and to have swimmers use the bathroom before you leave for practice (or upon entering the facility).

·        Classes will start on time. Late swimmers will not be permitted to make up lost time in another class or session. Please be on time to maximize your lesson. 



·        Only Coaches and Swimmers are allowed on the pool deck. Please do not walk out on deck or allow your child to approach the pool before they are asked. 

·        Learn to swim parents may enter the facility with their swimmer, allow your swimmer to use the bathroom and immediately sit in the bleachers.

·        Siblings MUST be closely monitored and may not run unattended through the facility.

·        Coaches will come to the bleachers for your swimmer when it is time for class to start. 

·        We ask that unless the instructor asks for your assistance, please stay in the bleachers for the entirety of the lesson.


I need to ask/tell the coach something

Your questions are important! However, Coaches are not available to talk with parents during practice time. Before practice we are preparing for practice, during practice we are focused on all swimmers, after practice we are preparing for the next group or preparing to close the facility so we can spend time with our families.  If you have questions for the coaches, please send an email [email protected] and we will promptly get back to you.


Bad Weather and/or Cancellation

·        The Hardin Swim Center is a grounded indoor facility, so we do practice in the rain. However, If there are extreme weather conditions that require us to cancel practice, we will post the cancellation under the weather tab on the front page of the website. 

·        Please do not call the facility or coaches (or text the coaches) to ask if practice has been cancelled, check the weather tab on the front page of the website. 


Swimmer Illness

Lessons missed for illness or other activity will not be made up or refunded.


My child is younger than the group lesson age listed. How do I register?

We set the age requirement to ensure that practices are age appropriate. 


I signed up for a class, but now want to change the date/time, how do I do that?

If you are unable to change the time online, email Coach Mary at [email protected]. There are no guarantees that space is available, but we will do our best to accommodate.


I need to cancel my class, will I receive a refund?

·        When you sign up for a class, you are securing a spot and preventing others from registering.

·        ONLY if you cancel 30 days in advance of your lesson, we will refund your class fees only.


Is your question not answered above? Please email Coach Mary [email protected]com.