Discovery/Mercury/Gemini/Aquafit 1:

FINS and a KICK BOARD. For these groups this is very very important. We will be focusing a lot on strengthening the swimmers kick and working on stroke technique which both fins and a kick board will be a great asset to do so. Also a mesh bag to carry everything in.

Click Here for Kick Board

Click Here for FINS

Click Here for Mesh Bag

ENDEAVOR/SENIOR: Arena Tech Pro Fins(not the same as the younger groups), Kick board, Snorkel, Paddles, Tempo Trainer, Drag Sox

Click Here for Kick Board


Click Here for Tech Pro ARENA FINS

Click Here for Paddles

Link to Snorkel (any one will be fine):

Freestyle Snorkel (preferred) 

Arena Snorkel 

Click Here for Tempo Trainer:

Click Here for Drag Sox:

​Link to Mesh Bag: