Meet Schedule

SSAN 2018-19 tentative meet/ event schedule will be posted soon!

*Meets in BOLD are SSAN hosted meets / events.


Saturday September 15- Olympian Swim Clinic- in addition to stroke technique and motivational stories, we will discuss the mental side of racing, nutrition, and the process.

Saturday September 15- SSAN Pool Kick off party at Northcrest

September 22, 2018: Black & Gold Intrasquad Meet.- everyone qualifies-SSAN is hosting at Klein Oak

September 30, 2018: Open Water Event at Twin Lakes-

October 13-14, 2018: Open Meet, everyone is eligible- SSAN is hosting at Klein Oak

October 26-28, 2018- Ages 14 & under CFSC Invite at Magnolia High School

October 26-28, 2018- prelim/ final Austin Swim Club Bob Thompson Invite- High School groups only

November 9-11, 2018: Gulf Open Meet, everyone is eligible- at MAC- Magnolia High School

Saturday November 17, 2018- SSAN Turkey Trot - tentative

November 19-24, 2018- Thanksgiving Holiday Training (except 11/22)

November 30- December 2, 2018: Gulf Senior Champs at , ages 15 & older, some 13-14's.

Nov 30- Dec 2, 2018: Southern Senior Champs at , ages 15 & older, some 13-14's

December 7-9, 2018: 12 & under Fall Champs, meet at - TBD

December 5-8, 2018- Winter Juniors, Austin, TX- must have qualifying times. in individual events. All qulaifying relays will attend.

December 14-16, 2018:  Gulf Champs 14 & under at AGS (TAMU)- Gulf Champs Time standards.

December 21 - January 4- SSAN Holiday Training- except (12/25/18 & 01/01/18) Polar Bear Challenge. Details will be announced soon.

Saturday January 5, 2019-  SSAN Distance Meet at Klein Oak- 1,650 offered for ages 13 & over, 500 free offered for ages 9-12. Details TBA.

January 18-20, 2019: SSAN Winter Invitational- all ages- prelim / final hosted by SSAN at Klein Oak

January 26- UIL High School Districts (not SSAN meet, High School only)

February 1-2- UIL High School Regionals (not SSAN meet, High School only)

February 15-17, 2019- Short Course Champs I, ages 8 & under, meet host TBD

February 15-16-  UIL High School State (not SSAN meet, High School only)

February 22- Feb 24, 2019- SC Champs II- ages 9-14. Location TBD

March 1-3- Short Course Champs 3- ages 13 & over. Swimmers must have qualifying times to enter. *TAGS kids will prepare for TAGS only.

Feb 28 -March 3, 2019- Sectionals at TAMU- *TAGS swimmers will prepare for TAGS only.

March 7-10, 2019- Short Course TAGS at TWST, must have qualifying times to enter

March 11-16, 2019- SSAN Team break

March 2019 NCSA Junior Nationals in Orlando- we are not attending this season, not on Spring Break.

March 24, 2019- Annual Team Awards Ceremony

March 30, 2019- IMX meet at Klein Oak


April 5-7, 2019- Gulf Open Long Course Open Meet

April 13, 2019- Sprint Series Meet for ages 12 & under

April 26-28, 2019- LCM Dual Meet with FCST

May 17-19, 2019- gulf open meet- location TBD, everyone qualifies in something


June 2-3, 2019: Summer League Sprint Sizzler Invitational- NWAL meet hosted by SSAN at Klein Oak- everyone will need to help- whether you are swimming this meet or not.

June 2019- SSAN summer travel trip- more information coming soon!

June 14-16, 2019- Gulf Open meet- location TBD

June 2019- SSAN Training Camp at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO- not confimed yet (only certain groups will be able to attend. (This will be similar to a Longhorn or Aggie Swim Camp. No Parents.)

July Champ meets:

Meet # 1: July 12-14, 2019- Gulf Age Group Champs at CFSC- ages 14 & under (just like Dec Gulf Age Group Champs at TAMU)


  • Ages 14 & under
  • qualifying times are Gulf Age Group cuts (on our website)
  • prelim/ final

Meet # 2: July 19-21, 2019 - Gulf B & under champs (Sprint Series) ages 12 & under @ either MAC or NOCH


  • Location TBD
  • Cut off times are BB cuts
  • Short course meet

Meet # 3: July 19-21, 2019- Gulf Senior Champs at TWST


Age 13 & over- must have 3 ages 15-16 AA times to be eligible and then may swim any event. Please review USA motivational AA cuts also on website.

Meet # 4: July 26-28, 2019- Gulf Summer Champs at either CFSC or FCST


Qualifying times:

12&U - BB Times by event

13&O - None

15&O - 2 AA times or fewer

Cut off times:

Ages 14 & under- Gulf Age Group times (the July 7-9 meet)

Prelim/ Finals- 11&O AB finals; 10&U A final

 Meet #5: July 25-30- Long course TAGS at UT

Note: Individual time standards and relay opportunities

Other LC National level meets in late July and early August TBA- as soon as possible.

* meets/dates above subject to change. The team meets are selected by SSAN only.