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COVID Guidelines & Reg. Check in/out

Re-opening Procedure

Our goal is to return to swim lessons as safely as possible while ensuring the health and safety of our coaches, instructors & all SWAT families and maintaining new health and safety guidelines as we transition out of the Covid-19 pandemic.

IMPORTANT:  In addition to many layers of guidelines from CDC, state, & local authorities, personal responsibility is key to the success of our pool reopening process.  Please adhere to the below procedure:   

  • Social distancing and sanitization practices
  • Before Lessons:
  • Instructors – All agree to follow a 24 hr. wellness standard.  Should they feel fatigued or have COVID-19 symptoms & fever of 100.4 or over within 24 hr. of a practice, they will not be on deck or in the water teaching.  Masks will be worn & temperature checked.
  • Students – All agree to follow a 24 hr. wellness standard.  Should they feel fatigued or have COVID-19 symptoms & fever of 100.4 or over within 24 hr. of a practice, they will not be admit into pool deck.  Students should meet health guidelines per the health & safety document from CDC.
  1. Masks should be worn at all times, with the exception of during lessons. 
  2. Students will have temperature taken & use their own hand sanitizer (recommended) or go wash their hands with soap/water in the restroom before heading to the pool deck.
  3. Students will need to come dressed in their suit & ready for their lessons.
  • Parents – Students will need to check in at the front lobby before attending their registered classes.  Students can only attend their classes that their group is assigned to and / or signed up for.  Parents will have limited access to stay in the facility during classe and are strongly recommended to bring their own lawn chair during classes.
  • During Classes:
  • Coaches / Instructors - will be wearing plexi face mask to teach during classes.
  • Students will need to get themselves ready for classes.

        1. Come in suit ready to attending classes

       2. Masks need to be worn at all time if they are not in the pool.                  

  • The locker rooms are limited – bathroom facilities will be open, but notification must be given to your instructors when using the facility.
  • Parents will be permitted into a designated area to get their child ready for classes after follow the CDC, State & district guidelines with mask & temperature check.
  • Parents are strongly recommended to bring their own lawn chair and sit at the designated area and or outside the building to observe classes. Parents will need to keep to the recommended physical distancing recommendations.
  • After Classes:
  • Coaches /Instructors will follow procedures & guidelines protocol at all times.
  • Students will need to check in at the lobby, check out & exit the pool in a timely manner and move to their ride or designated dryland area. Students will need to exit the pool area immediately. 

 Here is the Registration and QR CODE access information required by FBISD for entry to the Bissonnet pool.

Follow the instructions below before entering the pool lobby:

Step one is registration:  
  • Click on this link and enter your phone # and answer a few health questions: 
    • Complete the questionnaire on your health.
    • Step two is scan QR CODE and temperature check:  
  • Once registered they can scan the Wellness Check-in QR CODE with their phone when entering the pool lobby and scan the QR CODE when they exit outside of the pool.
  • Receive a green check mark on your screen.
  • Show to the wellness monitor (SWAT volunteer parents).
  • Take temperature.
  • Allow admittance if the attendee is cleared.  
All this is done in the lobby before anyone goes on the pool deck.
Thank you for your prompt attention and support.