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SWAT offers swim lessons and swim practices at the FBISD facilities.  Therefore, SWAT is obligated to abide by the school district schedule including inclement weather, holidays and high school swim meets at Don Cook Natatorium & Fort Bend Aquatics Practice Facilities on certain days.  This blackout may affect your regular practice schedule.  If the blackout dates occur, an Alternative practice schedule and location will be offered to you to accommodate this change.

Late pick up at pool facility:  Parents, it is your responsibility to pick up your swimmer(s) on time.  Fort Bend pool management requires All swimmers and attendees to exit the pool facility NO later than 8:10 pm.  Any over stay at the facility, FBISD will charge SWAT a hefty amount of facility & custodian fees.  Therefore, SWAT will pass over this fee to you and you will be responsible for the charges.  This fee will include Facility, Custodian and Coach's Fees.  Please pick up your swimmer(s) on time.

Late pick up fees:  $75 per 30 minutes.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions which may help answer some of your concerns:

Q:  Are there any additional fees besides the SWAT annual registration, team shirt, and monthly tuition to join the team?

A:  Yes, there will be a volunteer meet deposit fee of $106 per family click here for volunteer commitment policy   Volunteer obligation charges & credits will be processed after each meet.  (Ex: If you have volunteered & contributed on SWAT’s first hosted April 18 &19, 2020 meet and fulfilled your four (4) points, your obligation deposit will be carried over to SWAT’s June 6 & 7, 2020 meet and it will be processed accordingly.)  If you did not fulfill your four (4) points on the first hosted meet, your account will be charged based on the points that you have completed.)

A monthly fee of $5 per month per swimmer to cover pool expenses.  Also, if you register for the competitive program, you will be charged for USA/Gulf Registration $95 for the 2019-2020 swim year and SWAT may collect $85 for a meet entry deposit fee.  SWAT will also charge $1.50 per event per swimmer at each meet on top of what the hosting team charges which is usually between $5.50 and $15 depending on the meet.  The $1.50 SWAT fee will offset the travel costs of the coaches attending the meet. Meet entry fees is non refundable when the entries has been approved & submitted to the host.

Out of Town Travel Meet charge ($10.00). If you have a swimmer participating in an out of town meet that would require coaches to reserve hotel rooms, an additional $10.00 travel charge will be billed per swimmer. This charge helps offset the travel and accommodations costs of the coaches.  Meet Fees are charged to the swimmers account once final entries has approved & posted on SWAT website. There will be no refunds for meets that are rained out or cancelled for any reason. (ex: $6.00 + $1.50 = $7.50 X 6 events = $45.00 + $10.00 = $55.00)

Q:  How are fees and payments made?

A: All registration fees and monthly tuition payments are Non-refundable.  It must be made by electronic fund transfer via debit, credit, or bank draft.  Electronic fund transfers will be scheduled for the 1st of the month.  All transactions are subject to a $10 late fee and a $35 handling fee for non-sufficient funds or invalid cards/accounts due to expiration, decline transaction, etc.  If any payments due SWAT are more than 14 days in arrears, your swimmer will not be allowed to practice and/or compete until payments are brought to a current status.

Q:  Can I view charges to my account?

A:  You should check on your account on a regular basis.  Not only can you view charges but you can also view information about upcoming meets, SWAT news, events & program offered, etc. 

Q:  How do I access my account?

A:  Your ID is the email address you used when you registered your swimmer(s).  You were also asked to create a password at the time of registration.  If you forgot your password then you can request a new password.  Once logged in you can access your account, tutorials, meet results, parent information, etc.

Q:  How do I receive instant messages from SWAT to my phone?

A:  Team Unify has an option to receive text messages from SWAT.  You will need to go to your account and go to Email, select SMS text to activate this option.

Q:  Will my child be required to attend swim meets?

A:  Yes, competitive (National, HSC 2 & 3, Black, Silver, Red 2, Yellow & Blue fins 2) swimmers are required to compete; other groups are optional.  Swim meets are supposed to be fun and an opportunity for the students to measure their progress and show their parents what they have learned.  However, swim meets can be an intimidating place for some students.

Q:  Will I be required to time at swim meets?

A:  Yes, SWAT required Parents to volunteer for timing when the host team requires SWAT to do so.   All competitive families are required & expected to volunteer for timing during meets as assigned by the host teams.  The volunteering signup will be posted the week of the meet typically on Monday or Tuesday of the meet week.  A $50 fine will be applied to ALL FAMILIES NOT signed up to time if any timing slots remain open at the time of the meet. In addition, anyone who does not show for their timing slot must arrange for a replacement. Failure to do so will result in a $50 fine per meet. Swimmers of these families will not be entered in future meets until the fine has been paid. If all timing slots are filled, remaining families will not be fined. Families with a parent participating in the meet in another capacity (coach, official, timing coordinator, etc.) are exempt from this policy for that meet.

Q:  Are there specific things I should bring to a meet?

A:  Swimmer should wear / bring their team shirt, a team suit, a SWAT swim cap and two pairs of goggles.  Extra towels are also important because they do get wet and your swimmer will need a dry one to dry off.  Each family should bring a small cooler with healthy snacks.  Most concession stands have junk food.  Drink/food suggestions include water, fruit juice, Gatorade, granola bars, fruits, dry cereal, bagels and plain pasta.  For more information go to the Parents tab at and view the Attending Meet info.

Q:  My children will be swimming for their summer league.  Can they compete for USA / Gulf?

A:  Yes, they can compete through March but must be off SWAT by the end of March.  Swimmers returning to summer league may attending the League Training Program offered in April. (see more info on League Training Tab)

Q:  What must I do if my child leave the team to swim for their summer league?

A:  A written thirty (30) day notice is required to cancel membership whether it is for summer league or any other reason.  And scheduled charges during that 30 day period are still your responsibility.  Click here for more information.

Q:  Where and how do I find more information about attending certain meets?

A:  Go to under swim meet tab and click on meet name for information.

Q:  Will I be required to put in volunteering hours and / or make mandatory donations?

A:  Yes if SWAT is hosting a swim meet.  Please click here for more information.

Q:  Can I volunteer to help?

A:  Yes, SWAT has several positions available for everyone.  Meet officials, team photographer, team activity coordinator, and writers for team newsletter are just a few of the volunteer opportunities available.  Please let us know if you are willing to volunteer to help with a specific activity.

Q:  Will swimmers be required to do fundraisers?

A:  Yes, as you might expect, there is great deal involved with providing a training program.  SWAT works hard to provide the best coaches and facilities possible in order to meet your needs; however, we need your help also.  Each USA swim team is supposed to do a fundraiser each year and host meets.  It takes dedication and many volunteers to host meets and for fundraising.

Q:  What kind of fundraisers does a swim team participate in?

A:  Swim-a-Thon™ is a fun and easy way to raise money for your swim team and is probably the most recommended fundraiser for swim teams.  Participants earn money by swimming lengths of the swimming pool.  Swimmers have a two-hour period in which to swim a maximum of 200 lengths.  Swimmers get pledges from family, neighbors, or businesses to support their efforts.  Donors can either pledge a certain amount of money per length, or make a flat donation in support of your team.  All donations are tax deductible.

Q:  My child will not be able to attend all his swim practices, will there be make ups?

A:  Sorry, NO make ups.

Q:  My child will not attend all his practices due to other activities; will he be demoted to another group?

A:  SWAT swimmers are placed by age group & performances.  If you cannot keep up with your team mates, then your coach will determine the best alternative for you.

Q:  My family will be going on vacation for 2 weeks or 1 month, can you not bill me for that month?

A:  No, SWAT has obligations to pay for facility fees and overhead expenses.  (Imagine renting an apartment, just because you go on vacation, it doesn't mean that you are not obligated to pay for it.)  Monthly dues will not be prorated, deducted, or refunded regardless of the number of practices a swimmer attends in a month.

Q:  My children will be out of town for almost 2 months.  What should we do?

A:  It is to your benefit to send a 30 day notice to terminate your account from SWAT.  This will stop the monthly payments and you can always re register again at a lower fee than paying for the full months.

Q:  What are the qualifications for joining SWAT swim team?

A:  The minimum requirement to join SWAT is the ability to swim 10 X 25 yards of combine freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke without stopping.  A tryout is required to assess technique and group placements.  Changes in group placement are based on age, performance & qualification.

Q:  How old must my child be to join SWAT?

A:   At 5 years old, most children younger than 5 years of age are having difficulty to keep up with the training and quit after a few months.  See Pre-competitive White Fin groups 1 & 2 (age 5 & up) for more information.

Q:  Is the pool heated?

A:  Yes, Please keep in mind that the pools are for competitive swim training so that the water temperature is cooler than a recreational pool.

Q:  Do the pool locations have specific rules we should know about?

A:  Yes, pool rules are posted at each location.  Each swimmer and parent should familiarize themselves with the rules of the facility.  FBISD can refuse access to those who do not follow the rules posted at the facility.

Q:  Can I park in front of the Natatorium?

A:  NO.  The front parking spaces are for FBISD employees and Coaches only.   You may park by the base ball field or by the Mercer stadium parking lot.

Q: Can a parent enter the locker rooms to assist younger children change?

A: No, FBISD prohibits any adults from entering the locker rooms where children are showering or undressing. this is for Safety reasons.

Q:  How do I terminate SWAT membership?

A:  A written minimum thirty days (30) notice is required to cancel the membership.  A swimmer must complete the termination form, at least 30 days before the termination date. The termination date must correspond to a month end. If you turn in your Termination Form less than 30 days before your specified month end Termination Date, you will be responsible for monthly swimming dues for the following month (as well as for the month the form is turned in). For example, if you submit your Termination Form on February 1st, you are obligated to pay dues for February and March, and your Termination Date is March 30th. The written notice must be on this SWAT Termination Form. The Termination Form is only accepted by emailing it to  If you email the form you will receive a confirmation email from SWAT termination.  It is your responsibility to follow-up with SWAT membership if you do not receive a confirmation notice. Monthly fee will NOT be prorated, deducted or refunded regardless of the number of practices a swimmer attends in a month.  CLICK HERE FOR WRITTEN 30 DAYS NOTICE