Where are we located?

We swim at both Fairfield Athletic Club and Cy-Ranch High School during the fall and spring, and Hammerly and Cy-Ranch during the Spring and summer season.

Our address: PO Box 2576 Cypress Texas, 77410-2576

How do I know which group is right for my child?

Our coaches will determine which group is appropriate for your child.  Please contact the team registrar at to schedule an evaluation with one of our coaches.    You can find descriptions of our swim groups here.

Where do we get caps and goggles, etc.?

Every swimmer receives a latex or silicone swim cap and team t-shirt during registration.  GOGGLES SHOULD BE TRIED ON BEFORE BUYING!!! Every face is different, and so are goggles -- take them out of the package and try them on to make sure they are the right ones for your child.  Our team vendor is  A-Gleam Swim and Sport   (

Additional team shirts and swim caps can be purchased throughout the season from the team along with other spirit wear purchases such as bling, car decals, team towels, etc... contact our team gear person at 

My child does other sports. Is it OK to miss sometimes?

Yes. We have the schedule set up so that you can change the days your child swims from week to week.  Remember, the number of days you are allowed to practice are the maximum. If you only come one day one week, you don’t make it up by coming 3 days the next week. It’s always better to do some swimming than none to keep in shape with it and also to continue to learn all there is to learn about this wonderful sport.

How do we pay our monthly tuition?

All monthly fees are due on the 1st of the month and payment can be made using ACH or a credit card.  

What if we need to take a month off?
You must turn in a WRITTEN notice by the 15th of the month PRIOR if you wish to not be billed to the team treasurer. Contact our treasurer at:


What do we need to bring to practice?

Information on what is needed for each practice group is available in the handbook. Click on the Parent Info tab (on the blue bar just under the team banner). Then click FORMS link and click the link you will see a list of forms available starting with the current Handbook. On the table of contents page you can link to your child's practice group for information.

For example: Blue, green and bronze group swimmers should come to practice with a cap, goggles, a kick board, and fins.  All items should be labeled and should be in a mesh swim bag.  Bronze group swimmers should also bring tennis shoes for dry land practice, paddles and a jump rope.

Is there anything else we should do to help our swimmer be ready for a good experience?

Yes. Make sure they don’t come to practice with a full stomach. If they have dinner before practice, it should be a light meal that is finished one hour before swimming (or any other sport). We don’t want them to come hungry either, so if your child needs a snack before practice, try an energy bar, a nut mix, celery or a banana with peanut butter, etc. Make sure it is a healthy snack, but not too much. Swimming tends to make you hungry, so even if they eat dinner before practice, plan on them eating afterwards also.  Mostly, children need support in getting them to practice on time, getting picked up on time and letting the coach know if they are having more trouble than they are letting on.

What about bringing Gatorade or another sport drink?

If their practice is an hour or less, it’s not necessary. If your swimmer comes to a longer practice, I’d like them to come with both water and a sports drink. Gatorade isn’t the only one, so check out other options. I’ve noticed more stomach complaints with that drink than any other.


What about swim meets? Are they mandatory?

No. Typically, there will be one meet per month that is offered for your swimmer. I like them to do one early in the season so they can get a time. When they do the next meet, they should see a time improvement and it will help to keep them motivated. The great thing about swim meets is that a child is really competing with themselves. Everybody can experience success. This year, we are encouraging swimmers to do more swim meets. We encourage swimmers to do meets as a way to track their progress and to have fun. Sometimes, we need extra swimmers to have enough for a relay. If you haven’t signed up and we need you, I will ask. Otherwise, do what you can fit into your life. Most meets are Friday nights, Saturday and Sunday. It’s not necessary to go to the entire meet. If you can fit in one day, just do that. Each meet has different events offered on different days, so you should be able to get in all the events you want without going to the full meet.

How do we know which meets are the right ones to go to?

The meets are listed by age group first (like 10 & under, etc.), then by classification. If it’s an “Open” meet, anyone can go. If it’s a “B & under” meet that means any event that your swimmers has not earned a BB or higher time in can be swam at this meet.

How do we sign up for meets or pick what we will swim?

Go to our website and click on meets. All the meet invitations are there so you can check what events are offered on what days.,  Our older, more experienced swimmers will be challenged to do a 500 free, 200 IM and 400 IM sometime during this season. I’ll let you know when they need to have that done. It’s not best to do those events at our first meets as we are building our endurance as the season goes on. For our youngest swimmers, I like them to go to meets that offer 25’s and individual age scoring as these are much more fun and inspiring to them.

Are team suits mandatory?

Yes. We have some great suits that can be purchased at Lane Four Swim Shop located at 617 S. Mason Rd, Katy, TX 77450.  The store hours are Monday thru Friday from 10am to 6pm and Saturday from 10am to 4pm.  For meets, the swimmer(s) need to wear a team cap and team T-shirt.

Do you have a question that is not answered here? 

Email or check the handbook under the parent info tab in the forms library.